Betty’s Christmas Pudding……………

Yesterday’s post about the Christmas Pudding brought several requests for the recipe.  It is one given to my late Aunt Pam by her sister Betty and both had used it for years

Maybe not when they were this young

pam and betty childrenbut certainly as adults like this 🙂

pam and betty adults

 Anyway I know it was one that she put on the table for our first Christmas in Australia.  That was 1972 so it’s more years than I like to remember.

I wrote a post last November about me tackling the puddings for the first time – and this is where I posted the recipe

But I’ve taken pity on those who’d rather see it here 🙂

Scanned from an exercise books she’d used for years
You might have to click and enlarge to read the actual ingredients and amounts

Betty's Xmas Pudding from Pam

Fresh suet came from the butcher – but I do believe you can buy dried in a packet.  And as the brandy was out there was a little poured for me as well lol

I didn’t think I could fit anymore ticks on the page so typed a copy for myself.
I can then print another copy when mine gets full of ticks!

9 thoughts on “Betty’s Christmas Pudding……………

  1. Hi Cathy, thanks for popping over to mine. I’m catching up with everyone and it’s lovely to reconnect.
    I do love how you published that original recipe – those were the days eh when you’d get a lovely handwritten one handed down through the family. We would just know it’d be a goodie.
    Your photos of the finished pudding show what a beautiful and moist one it is. I’m bookmarking that for sure. Cheerio for now :D)


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