The season has begun……………

That would be the lunch and munch and be happy to see everyone season
The season to be jolly:)

First stop for the season was yesterday at The Golfers club in Healesville.
For me who doesn’t enjoy large get togethers
it was a case of smile and it will all be over soon!

Did you know there are girl Reindeer as well as boy Reindeer?

~ These look like very coy young ladies don't they ~
~ These look like very coy young ladies don’t they ~

And here come the young bucks

~ Am I handsome or what! ~
~ Am I handsome or what! ~
~ All ready to woo the ladies ~
~ All ready to woo the ladies ~


24 thoughts on “The season has begun……………

  1. I hope you received a big cuddle of thanks for your socialising efforts. The reindeer are great. Oh, just noticed falling white stuff. Cute.


    1. The glasses of white wine sort of made it more bearable Andrew – also the inevitable pecks on the cheek and the hugs that are fashionable on these occasions. They always make me feel like everyone’s grandma lol


    1. Somehow I don’t think staying at home was an option GnG lol – I just grin and bear it.
      Seasonal get togethers are always crowded with lots of other ‘parties’ in the dining area so I don’t think I was alone in wanting to be somewhere just a little bit quieter.


    1. These males all seemed to be bolted to the shelves – no chance of any of them falling over πŸ™‚
      I must investigate Annie’s comment on female deer not having antles lol


  2. I do not mind the people, I just ask a question that gives them the chance to waffle about themselves,while I sip the wine! It is the Muzak that drives me mad. Mind you, living alone means I no longer have many social gatherings to attend and it suits me fine>


    1. I love seeing everyone but not all at the same time – this was a Christmas gathering of The Golfer’s air force friends and half of them are hard of hearing; put them in a room with other groups having their holiday breakups and you can imagine the noise.


  3. I’m with you Cathy, ugg the silly season I am always so pleased when it is all over…But I must admit I do like the reindeer and your observations

    I wonder how many other people secretly wish Christmas would go away???


    1. I don’t think I want it to go away PP – it’s just too noisy and crass these days; almost as if the fun (and the meaning) has disappeared from the lead in to the Christmastide.
      I enjoy gatherings/breakups when they are in a small comfortable environment but it’s when there are about 200 other people at ‘their gatherings’ in the same room that I want to run away and hide lol
      Well at least my puddings are done now (see next post up) and I saw more reindeer (at the pool of all the places) and they made me smile


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