Is she trying to tell me something……..

Earlier on I’d been trying to sort out a problem
Not a big one – just one I could ponder about whilst I was on the back deck.

I’d laid all the necessaries on the table and popped back indoors for my cuppa
Guess what greeted me when I came back outside
less than two minutes later 🙂

IMG_9548My problem was that I’d just finished a sleeve on this little lad’s jumper
then realised I’d knit the wrong size 😦

So rather than unravel all the knitting
I decided to undo the cast off top of the original sleeve and start knitting again.

 Sounds a bit weird – looks a bit weird
Just means I unravel as I come to the end of each row

All will go to plan – unless
I have too much uncalled for assistance from my brown coloured shadow 🙂

Right now many American bloggers are enjoying their special Thanksgiving Day
They are also writing about things they are thankful for
That also set me thinking – about my knitting.

* It definitely keeps me occupied
* It likes to travel
* It challenges me, makes me think – makes me use my math skills for one.
* It encourages me to be creative
– finding ways to use all my odd balls of wool –
how to adjust or adapt sizing and the look of a garment
* It bring colour to my life
especially when I’m trying to mix and match colours for fair isle/strand work
* It is always there when I need something familiar to do
* It keeps me company
– seems to enjoy the same music and also the same tv programmes I do –
* It doesn’t mind sitting in the background for a while now and then

I’m sure there are other reasons to be thankful for a skill I learnt as a child
these ones will keep me going for a while

Oh and I’m thankful to have my brown coloured shadow to keep my company
(and for all the others who have lived previously in our home before her)

13 Replies to “Is she trying to tell me something……..”

  1. Yes it is good to be grateful and thankful for the little things we often take for granted but pets are wonderful to have.


  2. Almost every woman used to knit. My grandmother showed me how to knit a basic stitch and pearl. Of the innumerable scarves I never finished, she always had to cast on for me. I used to like to see woman who could knit without any apparent concentration. The could watch tv, a movie, talk while not really looking at the knitting. It’s a very tactile pleasure, I think.


  3. Adorable sweater! Yes, I have done that a time or two when I changed my mind about something. Cats love to be the center of attention or in the middle of the action. 😀


  4. Love your shadow. And, if only I could knit, I could use my black shadow’s cast-offs to knit another cat. Or perhaps several cats.
    Good luck with the jumper. Which is looking GOOD.


  5. Brought back a memory of the first time I tried to knit , which was in a high school home economics class.. We were to make slippers. Mine did not turn out well, and the teacher rather humiliated me in front of the class. Your knitting looks lovely though. My sister has a cat who joins her for morning devotions and wants to sit on top of the Bible she is trying to read. Thank you for the comment on my blog. As you can see, I have had a terrible “dry spell” where I can’t seem to get up the enthusiasm to write, but perhaps I will get back in the groove. It is so important to nurture creativity–whether knitting or writing or…the picture on your blog header is just gorgeous


  6. Math! That’s why I can’t knit! I can do a lot of things but I’ve never caught on to knitting. I love it though, things others have made. Love it.
    My animals were helping me sew yesterday. I hope people don’t mind pet hair in their Christmas gifts.


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