Must see the good…..

The Golfer often mentions that when things don’t go quite the way I want them to I only see the ‘bad’ side and there is always another side to be considered.  So I must make an effort to see that side and not always get hung up on the other one.

So with that in mind I looked at the pouring rain we had yesterday and instead of grizzling and complaining to myself about the loss of the recent sunny days I thought about the water tank behind our garage being filled and how much the plants were enjoying the drink from above and how much easier it is to weed when the soil is moist 🙂

The warning of an above average summer fire season – especially in the area where I live – has now changed to a potentailly major fire season so even tho’ I live in what is deemed as ‘an outlying suburb’ anything I can do to lessen the risk around my property is all for the good.  Think trees and bushes trimmed, grass kept to a reasonable level, no rubbish hanging around the outside of the house – not that way at my place but there are one or two in our neighbourhood could do with a clean up.

I’ve spent the best part of last few weeks going through cupboards, drawers and anywhere else strange or otherwise (think fridge and freezer) I could think of looking for a lost item. It definitely came home with us from overseas and was last seen on October 25th.  As you can imagine a lot of grizzling went on in my part about not being able to find it, I knew exactly where I had left it – yet it wasn’t there.

My search was a bit half hearted to begin with (it’ll turn up all in good course) then more in earnest when it didn’t.  Finally found on Saturday, in a drawer that had been rifled through several times – why I would have put it amongst some papers that were standing up along the side of the drawer beats me.  Relief all round 🙂

So mindful that The Golfer had survived weeks of bad attitude on my part I had to think of the good side of all this:

I now have very tidy bedrooms – in my search I went through cupboards and wardrobes ditching unworn obviously unneeded clothes, rummaged through and tidied drawers (although it appears I slipped up on one lol ) I moved beds, vacuumed floors underneath, changed bedding (upper and lower) and as I was in such a frantic state I even took down and laundered curtains before I cleaned the windows – inside and out!

It means I also have a very clean tidy refrigerator and freezer – and I discovered I didn’t drop the missing item into or even under the washing machine because I moved it – along with the fridge and freezer – to sweep and wash the floor they stand on.

It means we have oodles of soup in the freezer – no more odd looking vegetables lurking at the back of the fridge.  Meats that have lived in the freezer for a while are now back there again but in a different form – means I can have a few no cook days when the weather gets back to warm again.

I now have a very clean and tidy lounge room with no ‘junk aka known as craft stuff’ behind the chairs.  Said armchairs have no unknown pieces of stuff beneath them now because they were moved so I could check for lost item and also vacuum said pieces of unknown stuff (which made funny noises as they rattled up the hose) and then the chairs were ‘dressed’ with freshly laundered chair covers.

Oh and the ironing is up to date as well – there was the ‘chance’ in my eyes that the lost item could have found its way on to the couch and been covered with clothes – dont ask lol – last time it was seen was 3 days after we arrived home so just imagine washed holiday clothing coming off the line and being dumped.  What? That doesn’t happen in your house??

The cabinet and drawers in the bathroom no longer harbor all those odds and ends that appear to belong in there.  All those small travel sized soaps shampoos conditioners skin moisturisers mini toothbrushes and toothpast – you know the hotel give away stuff you think will come in handy one day.  As well as tossing donating those things I cleared out (a definite toss in this case) all the other half used never to be finished bits and pieces that were there as well.

So who benefited from my weeks of frustration and annoyance?  I suppose you could say definitely the op shops/charity shops from all the excess stuff I found and donated.  Then there’s the library because I went there several times to give myself a break and look for new reading matter to take my mind of the problem.

And then I suppose I did.

It made me stop and think about how I treat my (important/valued/loved) possessions (haphazardly/ slap happily) and also how I react to some situations.  Mind you it also meant I could look at this and see the good side of it 🙂

~ You were lost but now you are found ~
~ You were lost but now you are found ~

11 Replies to “Must see the good…..”

  1. When things go missing here I put it down to the poltergeist which seems to follow my husband around….even crossing the Atlantic didn’t deter the perisher. I can bet my boots that THE one document needed urgently will not be where it should…and that some days later it will be smiling up at me again.


  2. The worst is when something goes missing and you know you weren’t responsible for its disappearance and the other person is convinced they aren’t responsible. Anyway, there was certainly a silver lining in your cloud.


  3. Your silver lining is positively diamond studded platinum – particularly because the lost item returned. And I am sure that inanimate objects walk. Of their own accord. And return if and when they feel like it.


  4. Cathy, I think you deserve a holiday. How about visiting me….. I never did find the stitch ripper and my furniture needs moving….! Glad you found your lost treasure.


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