Just routine….

When you’re wandering round the decks you’ll often see little groups of the crew in what look like strange positions

What on earth can they be doing crouched near the railings.  Looks like they are rubbing and scraping.  Think of the salt and the sea and what it can do to metal and there is your answer.  RUST is a dirty word on a ship lol. Routime cleaning down of the big and the little areas before treating is a necessity.

Now I wonder what’s going on down there?


The deck is out of bounds
and one of the lifeboats has been lowered?


Oh, there’s some real work going on there – I can hear lots of banging!
Plus there’s several men up a ladder doing it


Just routine maintenance they said – nothing to worry about!


Good to know they go in for a service on a regular basis and any necessary ‘repairs’ get done quick smart.
Never know when they might be needed 🙂

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  1. Interesting, but I guess they have to maintain all the time, as they lose valuable time if they had to park it for maintenance. Good to know they are always on the look out.


  2. Scary to think if anything happened. I don’t think I could go on a long cruise. I
    know it is fun. No housework. !


  3. I was surprised at how hard cruise ship crews work. Such long hours they put in, but then there is not a lot else for them to do on board.


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