Cloudy one day – sunny the next……….

Yes, thats springtime in Melbourne to a tee.
Take Saturday last week for example.  Here’s the view of the sky through the gum tree at the bottom of the garden
Sky, what sky 🙂

Sat sky

That was the day I looked out the front door and saw green white??
And green white grass ???

Hail front entryhail grass

Oh yes that would be the result of the hail storm that came through during the afternoon.
Even the view of the back garden from the deck had a cool muted look to it.

Nov 2014

Now fast forward to Tuesday – blue skies and just a hint of cloud
We all felt a bit better

Tues skyThe roses echoed that feeling

2014 Nov

See how much they seem to enjoy the sunshine

2014 November

Yes I do seem to live my life through the garden.
Two years ago I was in so much pain I totally neglected this part of my world and now after enforced rest from all things strenuous plus some ‘gentle’ exercise I’m enjoying being back in the swing of it again.

 How are things in your life today?

7 thoughts on “Cloudy one day – sunny the next……….

  1. Sounds like New England to me (my new home). Wind and ferocious snow flurries on Sunday. Warm and 60 and sunny today. No roses left in the garden, but lots of gorgeous red and orange leaves fluttering down down for the count.


  2. Lovely to have roses… We would not be happy without sunshine once in a while. Lifts the spirits, doesn’t it? Hail that looks like snow… not fun at all.


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