Never say die……..

I’m sure some of you remember the never ending story of the
‘lavender round the washing line’.
The lavender that grew so much it outgrew itself and was given the chop

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2012 (4)

Well after removing the old plants last June I transplanted some of them to another part of the garden wondering if they’d take.
Nothing ventured nothing gained eh??

Fast forward a few months
a few months filled with lots of rain and then some sunny weather
and now look at what I have!

A small Lavender hedge 🙂

2014 November

which will be at the back of a part of the garden I’m adding to by dividing and transplanting the smaller plants from elsewhere

lavender 2014

Never say die indeed 🙂 🙂

Looking good on the cheap lol

2014 Nov

Or at least it will when its finished lol

9 thoughts on “Never say die……..

  1. It has done so well. Lavender brings bees to the garden, which is good, but not so good at the clothes line where you stand to hang out washing.


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