Oh listen to the band…….

When all you’ve got to do is sit in the shade and read on your birthday then as far as The Golfer is concerned ‘life’s good’.
Little did he know what was planned for that evening.


A laugh and smile at dinner with friends on that special day…


Oh a cake – just for me?? How did you know?


But wait there’s more….
Here come the dining room waiters to sing a song.
An Indonesian song they sing for birthdays


And play along to…
using proper instruments and whatever is to hand that makes a noise 🙂


Then the dining room erupts in clapping and cheering
Happened for me the week before – and for countless others during the cruise.

The Indonesian Happy Birthday song, Panjang umurnya, has a connection to the Dutch Happy Birthday song “Lang zal hij/zij leven” (Long shall he/she live) – same tune, obviously one version is in Bahasa and the other in Dutch


Panjang umurnya
Panjang umurnya
Panjang umurnya
Serta mulia
Serta mulia
Serta mulia

Long is his/her age
Long is his/her age
Long is his/her age
And treasured
And treasured
And treasured.

To give you an idea I found this clip on youtube

9 thoughts on “Oh listen to the band…….

  1. You don’t look in the least aimless. Having fun is how you look. In the dining room, you don’t look a bit aimless either. What a great way to mark the day.


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