Another lighthearted post for you…….

If you looked at The Golfer’s ‘sly’ shots of me you’d think I’d spent all my time sitting down this past four weeks.  It’s not really true – well, only sort of true 🙂

It’s true that I did sit and wait outside The Blue Mosque one day only to have to return on another…




And I sat and had a few drinks…

IMG_0233 - Copy


Did a bit of map reading and thinking about things…




IMG_1094Chased up some free wifi in the only place possible one day which just happened to be sitting on the steps of the cruise port terminal.  And after sitting and doing a bit of contemplating on another day decided that even tho’ I had no idea what was in store for me in the future, on that particular day all was well in my little world 🙂


IMG_1053But he also ‘captured’ the fact that I also did a bit of walking…. click on the thumbnails and you’ll see me pottering about aimlessly and looking as vague as I did in the above pictures lol

One of these days I’ll take that camera away from him
Then what would he do 🙂 🙂

As always the photos enlarge with a click

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  1. It a nice thing to be able to reply to the question, “What were you doing?” with “Not much really”. Pottering is usually means being very relaxed.


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