A little lighthearted post…….

We saw many families enjoying themselves in the street:-IMG_0564IMG_0565

And there were families to be seen enjoying the grassy areas in the ‘parks’:-IMG_0715IMG_0716

There were lots of solitary onlookers :-



Some with no regard for history 🙂


But the ones I liked best were those who looked you right in the eye and said ‘we own this place’ :-








 We saw so many cats with no obvious home – catch, desex and release was often spoken about but we sometimes wondered if it actually did happen.  This little one can tell you it does.


I’m sure you all realise we saw these and many more during our recent trip overseas
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9 thoughts on “A little lighthearted post…….

  1. Hi Cathy
    Glad you had a good time with our little fluffy friends!
    In Crete for the first time this year we came across a programme whereby some vets come from Germany to spend their holidays neutering cats and dogs for free. Normally its 120 euro each and the average wage is about 300 per month so it just doesnt get done. After the snipping they also clip the ear so they know who already got the snip.
    Hopefully a few less strays but i noticed the cats themselves are les skinny and sleek than you normally see so I suspect that neutering might be what makes our own cats a bit chunkier.


  2. Always sad when an animal doesn’t have a home, but those cats look well? Hope I’m right! We’re you tempted? Love the theme of your post this time 😊


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