On the road again……..

Yes another day – another port – another coffee shop lol

This time in Trabzon Turkey.  So lovely to be in a small place with not too many people.  Terrace seating beside fountains especially for multiple coffee shops (with free wifi as a bonus). A must for the traveller!

imageAs I said Istanbul was fabulous – then after a sea day we went into Batumi Georgia which was different and now it’s a quiet day here in Trabzon.  The Golfer has a cold so I’ve been plying him with lemon honey and hot water much to the amazement of our steward who’d never heard of that remedy.

We’ve walked miles round the deck – only ‘problem’ is its a very small ship so it takes four circuits to equal a mile!  Round and round and round we go lol. Sailing days are into single figures now, shame as the sun is starting to shine and I’m having fun!

9 Replies to “On the road again……..”

  1. Sounds like you are having a good time. Thanks for the remedy for a cold. I
    will try it because I have had this darn cold for a week now. Hope your
    husband gets rid of it faster than I can. LOL


  2. So envious. The weather here has turned cold and wet! Hope hubby gets better very soon. Keep having fun xx


  3. Ah, you are deck walkers. Such curious people, who we observed while on our Euro river cruise as we sipped our ristrettos or g&ts. They made us feel rather tired and after observing them, we retired to our cabins for a recovery nap. I hope the sun continues to shine for you.


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