In hot water……

The idea of using the sun as a form of energy is old hat these days. We’ve seen  solar panels on the roof change those rays into electricity to be used for all sorts of things – heating water just one of them.

Driving around  Paphos  the other day I saw this weird contraption on a roof top.

imagePassing by I got a better look!

The solar panel and water tank are the hot water system!  After seeing that one I saw them everywhere.


I suppose it works – not sure if I’d want them on my house tho’. Not right – not wrong – just different lol

13 thoughts on “In hot water……

  1. What an amazing trip you are having! I just love all of your photos.
    Too bad that your sister’s husband is unwell, but I hope you all can enjoy each other’s company.
    Stay safe and enjoy your trip.


  2. They wouldn’t last long here either, but I’m so glad there are these innovations being made in other parts of the world!


  3. How interesting! But I could not have one on my roof. It would collect too much snow and I would never be able to rake my roof around it. I do like a creative way to be energy conscious, though!


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  5. Love reading about your objects, I have seen these a lot in Spain also, a little ugly but they do the job I suppose x Dawn


  6. Solar water heaters work well when you have sun. Our solar panels run the attic fan, which helps keep the energy costs down and the house cooler. Thanks for sharing this interesting trip.


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