New life – new home

We’re leaving home, my little sister said.  Yes, in a few years time we’re off.

Of course what she meant was that when they retired they were going to put their plan into action.  So for the past five years this is where she has been calling home.


Not sure in the beginning if she and her man would enjoy it – now they love it.


Buying the corner house was a good move – they are not directly overlooked and  have land to extend the view on one side.


Room for extra garden furniture and a little garden. ‘ Always wanted a lemon tree’ she said lol


She also has the benefit of a large utility area and car spot right near her back entrance.


 Yes my little sister Patsy,  is really enjoying her retirement in the warmer climate of Cyprus rather than the rather temperamental one of the UK!


10 thoughts on “New life – new home

  1. Good on them. I’d love to be able to even spend six months a year in Greece.
    Maybe when I’m older oh well it’s a dream


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