Up in the air again…..

 That’s where we’ll be very late this coming Monday evening 🙂

This will be a different journey to any other we’ve taken from Melbourne before in that we’re flying out at what to me is the middle of the night!

It’s a bit late now but I’m sort of having second thoughts about this because even after the thousands of miles we’ve flown over the years,  apart from a couple of near midnight flights from Honolulu I’ve never actually begun a ten hour flight that late in the day.

I will have been up since about 7am sorting out all those last minute bits and pieces – cant come home to a dirty house so there will have been a bit of cleaning tidying and clothes washing – making sure my case closes properly – not worrying about Kiera who will have been at her holiday home since the day before – left for the airport about 7pm (drop off car pick up shuttle to departures – check in starts about 9.30pm maybe earlier.  There’s clearing customs and then going through security to airside and then waiting for boarding.  Lets just say there might be some tears or at least sharp words spoken before bedtime! 🙂

Catherine is usually well into the land of nod at 11.30pm
Which is take off time lol

Abu Dhabi is the first stop, then on to Athens .  That’s another thing I’m up in the air over.  Political events have worsened in that part of the world, Australia will be sending troops to Iraq very very soon.  To get to Athens our carrier flies over Iraq.    There is absolutely no chance of the Malaysia Airlines disaster in Ukraine happening again BUT…………

Talking of political events –  our cruise ports were changed.  The days I thought we were going to spend in Odessa and Sevastapol are no more – at one time the cruise line had us up in the air wondering if the cruise was actually going to be cancelled but now Constanta is as far north as we go and then along the southern shores back to Istanbul.  Shame, as I really was looking forward to them, doubt if I’ll get to that part of Europe again 😦

Up in the air I went in the city last Thursday – slippery tiles on the floor of the ladies loo in the Elizabeth Street underpass section of Flinders Street Station means I am now sporting an ankle of many colours.  Luckily the swelling has gone down and there is no pain when I walk – and there I was writing not long ago about being extra careful lol

The ever changing health issues with my brother in law has lots of aspects of our visit with my sister in Cyprus up in the air.  Daily radiation treatment is leaving him fatigued so I can’t forsee any of the ‘remember when’ day trips we had planned between us all months ago.  I’m sure we’ll enjoy it no matter what.

So putting all thoughts of all those ‘what ifs’ out of my mind I’m going to spend the rest of this week practising long forgotten greek words from the time when we looked like this.
Taken in July 1960 – a couple of weeks after I met The Golfer.

Us two 1960
We are going back to the scene of the crime as they say – only we wont be able to recreate this photo because the site of The Roundel Club where it was taken is near the Ledra Palace in Nicosia which is now in the UN buffer zone and out of bounds to all but peacekeeping personnel.

Kalimera – Good morning and Yassou – Hello/Goodbye
I think that  will do for today 🙂

21 thoughts on “Up in the air again…..

  1. I didn’t ask what cruise line you would be on. Hope it is a good one. Enjoy the tiime with your sister. Relax and enjoy. It’s going to be a special trip. Loved the 1960 picture.


  2. What a Hollywood couple you and hubby were! Let me say this one thing to you today about worry of terror. We are all a lot better off today due to Australia’s security. Good going Aussies!!!!


  3. Safe journey, lovely pic what a lovely couple, I love Cyprus we have only been twice but intend to visit again,my father served his national service in Cyprus. It is hard when a family member is ill. I recommend Arnica gel to heal bruises and sprains x Dawn


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