Which one do ‘you’ use?

When Still Waters was over at Blogger I used to list the blogs I read down the sidebar but after a while I’d ‘gathered’ so many I began to use a reader.   That way I didn’t have to keep checking each blog to see if they’d been updated – the reader would do it for you!

When I moved over to WordPress I opened a separate page as a blog roll and listed blogs I enjoyed but didn’t necessarily read on a regular basis – the must reads were on the reader lol

i know lots of us used Google Reader, one click and the published blog feeds were there.  When GR closed I went back to an old account I had at Bloglines, which has a slightly different look about it but works in the same manner.

Then other bloggers started recommending The Old Reader and more recently Bloglovin.  So I opened accounts with them to see how they worked.

The old Still Waters blog is still open and even tho Im not actively posting there i do occasionally pop over.  Things have changed and all the blogs I used to ‘follow’ now come up on Blogger Dashboard which seems to me to be similar in a way to a reader.  And of course WordPress has it’s own reader that allows me to subscribe to blog feeds.

If you want to keep up with things readers are good – on the surface all those I’ve mentioned do the same thing.  But I’m noticing more and more that they aren’t.

The feeds on some are updated instantly – on others they can take up to 24 hrs.

With Bloglines each blog has it’s own little ‘box’ and I can see the past few entries all there together.  They are still accessible after they have been read.

Bloglovin lists blogs on the side but each update for all my subscriptions are posted as they come in one below each other so if I want to catch up with a particular blog I have to scroll down to find each entry or click on the list on the side.

The Old Reader is different again.  It only shows blog updates and yes if a blog has several they are all together but once the updates have been opened and read there is no way of locating ( well that I’ve been able to find ) the blog to reread it.

Blogger Dashboard is daily as they appear – WordPress is the same but has an even worse ( to me ) fault in that even tho’ I’ve subscribed to them they often don’t publish blogs from other platforms in the reader.  They just don’t appear at all – if it wasn’t for the fact I find the updates elsewhere (ie in one of the other readers) I wouldn’t be aware the bloggers had made new entries!

I know I’ve rambled on a bit here – haven’t really been able to organise my thoughts properly but I’d really like to know how others keep up to date with blogs they enjoy reading.

21 thoughts on “Which one do ‘you’ use?

  1. I use Old Reader. In nearly twenty years of the internet, I have rarely paid for anything, but I pay AU$2.30 a month for Old Reader. I subscribe to many things with it, not just blogs, and the free version only allows 100 subscriptions. I am quite happy with it. Your blog is listed in my Melbourne folder, but I will say, it isn’t the easiest to set up, but there is plenty of help if you look or ask. The paid version picks up new posts very quickly. The free version, not so quickly.

    I once used Bloglines, then switched to Google Reader. Didn’t a new post disappear once you clicked on it there too?

    I start to read something in the OR and if I have not time to fully absorb or want to comment, I click on the blog title rather than the subject title and it opens in a new window and so it remains on the OR for later digestion.


  2. I don’t have any kind of reader, but I do have a Blogroll where I store all of my links to favorite blogs. I also have a Favorites List on Internet Explorer, which stores the same links, and I usually go down the list and click to see if each blog has been updated.


  3. The bloggers that I follow on a regular basis are on my sidebar under Roller Blog and keep me up to date as friends post, from most recent down. It is always a delight when a long time friend who has been away, suddenly posts and that pops up in the current posts.


  4. I just have to trust the Blog Roll and sidebar, I have some people bookmarked who I want to keep in contact with and I answer others who comment too.
    Google Reader was sadly missed.
    I’m grateful for any one who reads my blog and comments but I do miss the *old Bloggers* who I used to *know* who have just disappeared without trace!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


  5. I have no idea. I don’t pay anything, some of my old blogs showed up, some didn’t after the rig-a-ma-roll. You’re still coming in, Cathy. That’s all I know.


  6. I use my blogger dashboard. It has a feed and I can skim though and read the blogs that have updated. But some, like this one, send me an email when it has a new post. So I never miss one!


  7. Most of this is ‘mush’ to me. I push a few buttons and see what happens with my wordpress. I do use my ‘reader’ for favorite blogs I don’t want to miss. I also have ‘followed’ quite a number of blogs, but I find I get too many e-mails telling me of their new posts, and I get overwhelmed.


  8. Old reader for me. All of the blog names are in a list on the left so i can easily find who I want but otherwise i read the newsfeed which they give me. I do miss the old reader though.
    I am registered with feedly and bloglovin but dont seem to get on with either of them sadly


  9. Further, I’ve noticed quite a number of people using blog rolll. While I don’t, it doesn’t seem to be a bad way to keep up. Maybe there is a Word Press equivalent.


  10. I have all the blogs I read bookmarked and I just check them all each day. I was a google reader subscriber but we all know how that turned out! I’ve tried a couple of other ones, but nothing works like that did, so I just go through my list. It’s a total time waster, but half the blogs I follow no longer update, thanks to Facebook.


  11. I guess I’m constantly changing what I do, but I’ve remained at Blogspot and use my WordPress only as a back-up since all my commenters meet me at Musings on Blogspot. I have my sidebar set so that everytime a blogger posts something, it goes to the top of the list. It works for me. Right now, I’m so busy with photobooks to chronicle our travels that I haven’t been able to visit. It’s hard to balance my time. Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting. I really appreciate it.


  12. I too rely on my blog list to the left side of my blog. I miss the old cancelled reader…it was the best. Other’s just clog up or show old stuff. Links on my list are always current and are broken down by three or four categories. People come first.,


  13. Well I never knew there was so many different ways to keep up with blogs. I thought the RSS symbol at the top in the address bar (I think that is its name!) was the only thing to use. I just click on it and it puts the blogs into a drop down box along with the favourites. Then up dates as I check them. I enjoy reading and following so many blogs it is hard to always find the time, but it is better than watching TV…


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