Welcome to Sprinter……..

Yes, Sprinter
It’s that time of the year when Spring has begun
but it occasionally reminds you of Winter.

Today is the first day of September – officially it is Spring.

SEPTEMBER in Melbourne
September is the first month of spring, which is the most changeable season of the year. A full range of weather may be experienced within a few days, from warm, calm and sunny to cold, windy and showery.  The temperature usually reaches the mid-20s for the first time since April. Nights are cool, frost is fairly rare, and the lowest temperature for the month in the city being about 4ºC.  http://www.melbourneaustralia.org/climate-weather

So being Spring there are spring blossoms to look for 🙂

A few years ago The Flowering Cherry at the top of the drive was getting to be nuisance.  No matter how many times I trimmed it the lower branches still hung over the drive and out over the pathway at the front so we took it down to shoulder height and were left with just a chunky looking stump.  I wasn’t too fussed if it didn’t recover but look at this –  It has sprung to life once more shooting up from the base and still isn’t fazed by a dull day.

(all photos should enlarge with a click)

Flowering cherry

With its tiny little flowers it really is the forerunner of spring – sadly they wont last long as soon it will be covered in little purple coloured leaves.

Flowering Prunus

 The white Flowering Quince by the side fence has been just bare branches all winter, it is slowly showing us the flowers we look forward to.  The pink one beside it seems to be opening later this year.

Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles)

Small roundish flowers – initially on the bare branches.  Then the bush takes on a greeny white look as the leaves start to appear.

Flowering Quince close up

Once the bush is in full leaf the flowers don’t stay long so need to be enjoyed while they are there looking pristine and clean

Chaenomeles close up

Also known as Chaenomeles or Flowering Japonica
they are virtually indestructible.
This pinky red one was planted back in 1977, we chopped it right to the ground at one time but couldn’t remove it completely.  Within a few months it started to shoot up again and I didn’t have the heart to attack it another time.  I just give the branches on the right hand side a bit of a haircut now and then so we are able to get down the side of the house

Pink Chaenomeles

Yes I think Spring has arrived
The days are getting longer – earlier sunrise, later sunset
We have been teased with some warm dry sunny days
However I do wonder how long it will take for Winter to leave completely??

How are you coping with the changing seasons?

33 thoughts on “Welcome to Sprinter……..

  1. Your spring is much further advanced than ours.
    We will still get frosts, and fog – but some beautiful days to follow.
    And daffodils are dancing at my place – mirroring the dance in my heart.


    1. After today’s weather EC I’d question wether our Spring is more advanced than that in Canberra lol
      For some reason (maybe because of the excess of rain we had) my Daffs were not much to look at this year.


  2. Our seasons are not quite opposite are they? Guess it’s all a matter of position on the planet. Still hot and muggy here. You do have some pretty blossoms there!


  3. Hi, in the UK our Autumn starts late in September but it feels like the Summer is over for now, it is chilly and I have got my throws and candles out to cosy up the house. I love the cherry blossom tree it looks so pretty it is a shame the flowers don’t last longer and the quince is so pretty too.Have a great day x Dawn


    1. Hello Dawn, there’s nothing worse than knowing ‘the party is almost over’ is there lol. From what I remember isn’t early September a bit soon for a seasonal change? It rained a good part of today so there’s lots of the pretty pink blossom on the ground now!


      1. In the uk we have had some really chilly days. Autumn isn’t official until the end if September. We’re hoping for a change and we will see some sunshine. 🙂


  4. I love the pristine cleanness of spring flowers. Living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s wonderful to experience them twice in 2014 through your photos. 🙂


    1. Tells it as it is Dar – sadly I dropped my little camera a while ago so I have to delete a lot of shots that aren’t as good as I hoped for.


  5. Very lovely photos and welcome to Spring there. We are going into Fall soon here.
    Long winters also. The summer went so fast it is hard to believe.


  6. Around here the seasons begin and end with Solstices and Equinoxes. Therefore our Autumn does not begin until around the 22-23 of September. I suspect your official Spring begins at the same time. September is generally very hot here.


    1. Dianne, the official day for Spring to start here in Australia is the first of September – something to do with the early troops changing from heavy winter uniforms to lighter summer ones. The weather often agrees that solstice time seems more appropriate tho!


    1. Just like in the north of Australia – does it become unbearable humid as the wet builds up? Causes all sorts of problems in the Territory.


  7. One more week of summer, hurrah. Autumn had arrived but has thought better of it and retreated a few paces. It’s nicely warm and sunny during the day but cool at night, which makes the leaves change colour.

    Yep, I’m coping nicely, thanks.


    1. Now are we in front of you or are you ahead of us??
      I’m waiting patiently for all our trees etc to come into leaf – mind you I’m also still clearing up dead ones that next door’s oak dropped months ago!


  8. I cope with the change of seasons by buying something warm to wear when it’s not even cold out yet. For some reason or another, I went with plaids. Very uncharacteristic of me.


    1. Thats what happens in all of our clothing stores – the next seasons stock arrives when its still hot/cold. Even with the little bit of Scot I have in me I’m not a plaid girl either 🙂


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