All I needed was…..

A little bit of understanding and chocolate

chocolate understands


Yesterday I told you all about my ‘misdemeanour’ and received lots of fun/ reassuring comments and an understanding that some days s***** happens.  The Golfer drove that way this morning and remarked how easy it would be to ‘forget’ if you had to stop at the traffic lights.

That certainly wasn’t the reception I got from a couple of so called ‘friends’ this morning when I very guiltily related yesterday’s events to them.  I came away with the feeling I was the worlds worst driver for not concentrating at the lights!

So that turn of events had me rummaging through the cupboard for the last of some chocolate I knew was stashed away and spending most of a glorious warm afternoon on the deck with a book in my hand.

And guess what I was reading?



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  1. It sounds as if those ‘friends’ are paragons of perfection and have never, ever made a mistake.
    I like your solution though – wonderful book and ‘some of the best things in life are chocolate’.


  2. I love that book! With or without chocolate. Don’t beat yourself up over the driving thingy. We all make mistakes when driving, even though we are not all as honest as you are or as forthcoming. So to make you feel better, I’m going to ask your other readers here to fess up! I’ll be first… Last week whilst driving along a busy road, I got stuck behind a bus, which was parked at a bus-stop but not in a lay-by. I waited patiently behind the bus, but it was taking ages to load its passengers, finally it lost patience so I started to pull out. I forgot to check my wing mirror and someone was in my blind spot. He had to pull quickly forward so I didn’t hit him! It shook me up. I could’ve caused an accident but I didn’t. If we dwell on the things we do wrong, we would never do anything. Now, does my confession make you feel any better?


  3. I hate friends who don’t realize we just need them to be there for us!!! I don’t get that. After a while you won’t even ask those friends for their input. Friends are supposed to be on our side no matter what. But I can agree about the chocolate. Every year I go for my mammogram and it’s an ordeal because I have lumps. Doctors tell me to cut out caffeine and chocolate and the lumps could go away…but nope. Gotta have my chocolate. That shows how dedicated I am to my chocaholism.


  4. Well! Humph! I have NEVER had a ticket in my life!
    I COULD be all snitty too.
    But the thing is… DARLING……………..
    I have never been caught!
    (and maybe neither have your snotty friends, that doesn’t make them such wonderful drivers)
    Enjoy your chocolat(e)


  5. I can do without ‘friends’ with agendas…friends are there to sympathise. After all, it wasn’t as if you had been on a vodka fuelled binge and mowed down a crocodile of infant school children…


  6. Gotta love those friends. Yup they are
    perfect. Good job there is always chocolate and I love the book too lol


  7. I hope the chocolate helped. I think you are very brave to share your infraction with us . . . including the fine. In that way, you have become a teacher. Oh maybe you didn’t tells us NOT to do what you did, but by sharing, you have given us all a reminder of what can happen while driving and the consequences as well.


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