I don’t think so…..

Wouldn’t this be lovely?

At the beach – Vickie Wade

At the beach Vickie WadeAt the beach 2 Vickie Wade

Weather at Frankston beach at the moment is 7c/44f
High of 10c/51f and a chance of a shower or two

It’s even colder at our place plus
there’s an awful icy southerly wind blowing out there

Shall we go to the beach – no, I don’t think so.
Not just yet 🙂

12 thoughts on “I don’t think so…..

    1. Hello Vickie – Sun Sea Sand and Family – all favourites of mine. Demonstrated so beautifully in those paintings of yours. They epitomised everything I was pining for on this cold day.


    1. Wont be long before we are whinging about it being too hot Germaine lol

      I like to see art that is simple and conveys a mesage Germaine, without having to stand and ponder in front of it for ages. You can see and understand the beach scene at a glance however if you enlarge there are other things evident as well.
      Even with the brolley was the sun that bright the reader needed to sheild their eyes from the sun – wonder what the two ladies are looking at in the distance?


    1. The grass is always greener…. I think we often wish for the opposite of what we have in things beyond weather. We humans are a funny lot.


  1. G’day Cathy.
    Even colder here in North Central Victoria. Having just driven down from Darwin, through the centre of this beautiful country and hubby just loving the heat up there, I
    for one am not looking forward to our hot summer. I am truly a winter girl through and through. Take care.


  2. You are right. I enlarged the picture and I wonder also what they are looking at. Could it be the clouds that they are hoping for rain? Just joking.


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