You learn something new everyday…..

For the past 15 months I’ve had a gift card lurking in the bedroom just itching to be spent – trouble was I kept forgetting to take it out with me.  That was until the other day.

I found myself in one of our clothing stores – the one with the red and white circle – and browsing their new season stock I saw some 3/4 sleeved t-shirt type tops that would be handy for those in between days.  You know, not really cold but cool enough for longish sleeves.

Not in their sale, a bit more than I’d usually pay for that sort of top but nice enough to pay full price for (a weird statement I know) and the best thing was the gift card would pay for two.  In different colours!

Made my way up to the checkout and that’s when I saw the 25% off the last price sign on more sale racks.  Consequently another little very nicely priced top I could wear in Greece next month was coming home with me.

Chatted to the young girl and paid the extra for the top (on my cc) but it all went on the same receipt. There was just one thing I didn’t do and that was try it on.  I did try the others on but as it was cold and I was rugged up I didn’t fancy going through the strip routine again 🙂

Don’t know about where you live but clothes sizes can vary so much, even with the same label and as most of our shops have good return policies it’s often a lot easier to buy, try on at home and return for a refund if not quite right.

So when I lined up at the T*arget store this morning to obtain a refund (for the shirt that didn’t fit lol)  I wasn’t quite prepared for what transpired.

They wouldn’t put my refund back onto my credit card because I’d used a gift card for part of the purchase.  Pardon, says I.  Company policy, my refund had to come in the form of a gift card – which meant my money would have to be spent in one of the stores in the group and not go back onto my card.  Was i ropable!

On reflection it was better than a credit voucher I could only spend in that store but it was such a small amount that if I did happen to see something else I’d need to add extra cash to the gift card to pay for it.

The young girl said, You could always spend it in the supermarket – if you shopped in that one I said!

i did find something to use it on in one of the groups other stores but I’m still annoyed.  I don’t mind being penalised for making a return when I don’t have a receipt with me and must accept a credit voucher in place of a cash refund but this just took the cake.

As I said you learn something new every day – lesson today is to be well aware of terms and conditions however involved or unusual they are!

14 Replies to “You learn something new everyday…..”

  1. If you paid fully with a gift card and that was all you could get back, then I don’t think that is unreasonable. It is a bit tricky when you pay for part of what you bought with a gift card.


    1. I certainly learnt a lesson I can tell you Andrew. Definitely not a a restriction I was aware of. From now on I’ll make sure I ask about such things if I use a gift card (anywhere).


  2. at least you got it back somehow, and here in Canada gift cards don’t expired fortunately. It’s a pain keeping track of them for sure, and I am one who does, a lot of people don’t.


  3. Another buyer beware. I did not know that either. Nice to let us know. Different
    stores have different policies.


  4. Oh dear store’s policies vary so much you don’t really know where you stand and I hate being penalised because you returned an item! x Dawn


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