Are you a hibernator or an insulator?…..

Are you a hibernator or an insulator?

A question asked of me the other day to which I replied – it depends on the day.
Cold wet and miserable – I’m certainly a hibernator
staying inside with the fire going to keep me warm.
Cold sunny and dry – I try to be an isulator
outside enjoying the day, wrapped up to keep warm!

Sunday morning was cold and frosty but oh so sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky – not a chance of showers anywhere in the state.
Looks like it’s an insulator day 🙂

Such a shame to miss one of those glorious precious Winter’s days so what do we do but pop out to Healesville to see how much water was in the Maroondah Dam.  Yes, such is the way of we older ones who look for ‘thrills’ on the cheap lol

Two minutes out of Lilydale and onto the Maroondah Highway
for a short half hour drive.  Trivia fact here – MH was originally called Three Chain Road because it was 66 yards (60 m) wide!

Photos were taken out of what turned out to be a grubby windscreen – they do look much better if you enlarge them.  With all this on my doorstep you’ll get the idea of why I love living out here in the eastern suburbs

Maroondah Highway

We pass lots of Yarra Valley Vineyards
Some with home paddock sheep to keep the grass down – some bigger establishments without!

Some with a few home paddocks sheep

Some without

There are definite signs of Winter along the way when you look at some of the big deciduous trees favoured in this area

Leafless trees signs of winter

Through the busy little town of Healesville, set in the foothille of the Great Dividing Range, busy on a Sunday same as any day, but see the trees are bare on one side of the street but not the other – must have a different micro climate. More sun more shade??

Healesville trafficHealesville Grand Hotel

Loads of cars in the car park
Looks like the cold 5c/41f weather hasn’t deterred too many.Dam car parkand this is what we have come to see

Maroondah Dam Aug 2014

I’ll leave it there and come back another day

13 thoughts on “Are you a hibernator or an insulator?…..

  1. Just beautiful.
    I much prefer the cool weather. It is heat which turns me into a sad, soggy (and grumpy) mess. However grey days can be dispiriting too.
    We have had a couple of very chilly days – but the skies have blazed – and my spirits have too.


    1. Sorry EC no sad sorry (grumpy) summer one here, I’m all in favour of warmth although I’ll admit to liking the cold dry sunny winter days – not the others though!


  2. I am happy with the wet ones for a change but somehow we lost our way lost winter and everyone was a wet once. I got very fed up with that. Now its hot everyday and I would very much like a bit of rain


  3. Well dearie, it was an outing.

    The trees look to be different species, but even so, they are often affected by street lights, with the ones closer to the lights holding their leaves longer.

    Dandenong Road is or was also 66 yards wide and was called The Great Three Chain Road.


    1. Haven’t heard that word for quite a few years Andrew. I don’t mind an outing as long as it’s not on a coach with 30 others who sing on the way home lol

      I did wonder if the trees were the same – maybe I’ll ask at the local council offices and see what they say.


  4. I do not even want to think about winter yet. The last one was so bad, I’m not looking forward to battling the elements alone again. If it wasn;t for my critters I would be a hibernator for sure.


  5. When living in France i had the same pattern as you…cold grey and wet – indoors by the fire…cold sunny and dry…out and about.
    I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have left the cold behind, though….and while we have rain, torrential at times…it is warm!


  6. Good to keep an eye on the water level in the dam, I think. We used to drive out to a local small airport and watch the planes take off and land. David had a pilot’s license when he was younger.


  7. G’day Cathy. Lovely photos of a fabulous area. Used to go to Healesville quite a lot when we lived in Cockatoo. We are currently driving through the centre of Australia, coming down from Darwin, heading home. Have seen some glorious scenery and have had some great weather. Take care. Liz…


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