I just couldn’t help myself………

It was a bit chilly this morning when I had to nip down to the library at Montrose this morning – it’s the one that sits at the bottom of the Dandenongs.  Chilly wasn’t the word for it – the wind blowing along Mt Dandenong Road was freezing.  We’d been warned about the cold blustery day that was forecast and bless their little hearts for once ‘they’ got it right lol.  It snowed all over the state, even up in those hills I was standing at the bottom of. lol

I’d finished doing the other bits and pieces on my list (yes, a list is needed in the cold, the wind gives me brain freeze – well that’s my excuse!) and making my way back to the car I had to walk past the bakery and what do I see but one of the girls filling the pie warmer.

pie warmer

Now meat pies are not normally found on our diet – they are what we call footy food.  Small not family sized, fits in the palm of your hand, eaten still in a paper bag, – comfort food best eaten when the weather is cold and you’re at the footy oval.



These were not commercial factory made pies – oh no, these were freshly baked there on the premises, just out of the oven and looking so good.  So, as it was nearly 12 noon in I went and bought one.

‘Home is just a couple of kilometers away, if I don’t get caught at the lights it’ll still be nice and hot when I get home so I can have it for lunch’.

Thats what was being said in my head as I paid for it.

Reality set in when I got to the car, I was cold, I was hungry, I just couldn’t help myself – this hot pie didn’t stand a chance.  I sat there watching the traffic go by and ate it, savouring every morsel.  Delicious!!

17 thoughts on “I just couldn’t help myself………

  1. I don’t blame you at all. At least you had it still hot. To tell you the truth how could one resist the temptation. LOL !


  2. It is chilly here too today. Minus three today and going lower for the next few. I prefer it to the summer melt though.
    And yes, pies should be eaten then and there. And a pie eaten in the car with no witnesses has no calories…


  3. Nice treat! We don’t have take-away pies here, except at the Farmers’ Market. I like seeing them in the shop windows when I visit the UK. What we do have is a culture of people eating takeout food in their cars while driving – coffee and doughnuts is the norm, and anything in a bag from McDonalds!


  4. How cold is it?!
    I’m fascinated because it’s been so very hot here!
    I’d do the same with an ice cream sandwich or something here right now. Scarf it down. Ahem.


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