A is for ………………..

Well none other than Alphabet Blogging

It’s been like a Friday Date this past 26 weeks
People were dropping by on Friday to see what the I thought
about the letters of the alphabet.

Mum who blogs at Mum’s Simply Living Blog wondered what we could come up with if we blogged about the letters of the alphabet.

The catch was they all come in reverse order.

We are up to A this week
so it looks like we are now at the end of the Fun Fridays
with Mum and her Alphabet Blogging that is

I’m hoping you enjoyed the fun
I’m all done – all finished
for the moment
I’m must away and see what I can come up with for next Friday lol

that’s a fun word if ever there was one
Look here at this link to see all the ways it can used

There were others who took the challenge
Read all about it here

8 thoughts on “A is for ………………..

  1. A very big Thank You to you for joining in with this little bit of escapism. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please don’t be away every Friday now!
    Love from Mum


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