Not a chocolate to be seen ……………..

Life and Chocolates

That quote about life being like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get, always makes me think of Winter in Melbourne.
You never quite know what you’ll get – this morning certainly proved it.

Looking out the window first thing I couldn’t see the end of my nose through the dense fog  – two hours later it was entirely different. Blue skies with not a cloud in sight.  If it hadn’t been so cold (1c/33f, yes, a bit nippy) I might have gardened in a tshirt lol

Winter sunshine at its best!

Not a cloud in the skyBathed in winter sunshineNot to be though – things to do, places to go.
As I left Kiera enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on the back deck.

StretchContentmentSleep in the sun
I drove off down the road with this tune running through my mind


13 Replies to “Not a chocolate to be seen ……………..”

  1. Very, very familiar. Both the fog (and the chilly start) and the blazing sunshine.
    My wussy cats go outside (briefly) and then hunker down in the warm – often moulting up a storm in the wardrobe.


    1. Yes EC, it turned into a great day – we all enjoyed that little bit of sunshine until mid afternoon then retired to the warmth indoors. Have to admit it was the longest Kiera had been out the door for a few weeks lol


  2. That is a nice winter sunshine and lovely pictures. I love sunny days. Gives one
    a lift especially in the winter. John Denver was one of my Mom’s favourite singers.


  3. I had blue skies and struggled with 24°C today, I need a body thermostat transplant – do they do them yet? My body does not like the extremes of heat or cold.


  4. It’s been hot here, around 29C, and we don’t have A/C, so I’ve been in the basement. Summer is supposed to be hot and since we get such a short season, it feels wrong to complain. Winter? That’s a different story.


  5. One day it started raining at my home in Tulsa, OK. I walked to my den on the opposite side of my house and it was not raining. True, true, it was pouring down rain in the front yard and clear as a bell in the back.


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