Life’s a party………

Life’s a party – live it to the full and enjoy it!

That’s definitely the view our water aerobics instructor has and she certainly lives up to it.  We never know what she has in store for us on a Tuesday morning but you can be sure it will be accompanied by disco/party type music.

Let me set the scene for you:
Towards the end of the evening at many wedding receptions here in Australia the band seems to know when it’s time to play those fun ‘everyone on the floor’ numbers.  Getting everyone in the mood usually takes place to a version of the Village People’s hit YMCA – even grannies have been known to get up and make the letters with their arms above their head

And of course the one that really gets them going is The Nutbush – ‘danced’ to a version of Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits. It’s ‘danced’ across the floor line dance style – some say it’s similar to a dance from the 1950s called The Madison.

the madisonMadison – photo source

Fabulous ‘original’ version in french film Bande a part (Band of Outsiders)

And this will give you an idea of how simple (and maybe similar) the Aussie Nutbush is – you tube video taken at someones party!
Yes, it took a little while before the recorder realised his camera was facing the wrong way lol


Anyway what this is leading up to is ‘pool time’ this morning (aka ‘water aerobics with the groovy grannies’) was fun time as we all sang and warmed up to YMCA complete with arm actions and then showed all those young mums whose little ones were having their swimming lessons how to overcome land mobility difficulties by dancing the Nutbush – in the pool 🙂
We did our own (well Brenda the instructor’s) version, similar but slightly different to the ‘official’ one – it was quite a workout using the legs to move against the water and also bringing the core muscles into play when trying not to flay around turning to face the other way.

Maxine is right 🙂

Maxine and Weightmaxine aging

13 thoughts on “Life’s a party………

  1. We have water aerobics here at our YMCA. It is a lot of fun. I miss it but I can walk instead. I can’t have my arms above my head because
    of my heart issues but I remember the fun we used to have and the music is what got us going. LOL ! Good for you for keeping yourself


  2. Actually, exercise is responsible for only 20 percent of our weight gain and loss. Eighty percent is down to food. Literally, you are what you eat. The gals at my pool work out for an hour, shower and dress and then eat and drink coffee for an hour.

    Mostly, when I go to the pool it is to stretch aching joints. Stopped going for a while because I can’t stand cold water. The authorities at the pool let things slide this past winter. Does me no good to climb into a cold pool of water.


  3. Nutbush City Limits. That takes me back, but I think I can remember the steps. Oh yes, it was performed on our Euro river cruise, not so long ago. It is such a fun dance.


  4. I avoid the water since my body goes cold quickly and this can become dangerous for me. I walk plenty and work about the house to music with a good beat. Gardening, dusting, doing the vacuum dance and furniture shifting are enough exercise for me.


  5. Glad to hear your adventures! I cannot imagine dancing in the water anymore, but sounds like you had fun!


  6. Love Maxine – one of my heroes.
    And was always fascinated to see how many of the participants in water aerobics were wearing full make up. Dedication to an image over and above my capacity.


  7. lol while we are swimming the water aerobics class is acros the pool from us. The music is always upbeat and happy. Unfortunately my swim buddy has a very bad back injury and she can’t do the aerobics but we enjoy the music regardless.


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