D is for………………..

When the word Daughter crops up it’s often associated with the word Mother

Today I want to say thank you to my Father, who loved his 3 daughters

From me (the oldest) all the way down to the youngest!

 I know that each of us in our own special way
had control of our own little corner of his heart.

Nearly 11 with my Dad and sisters

Without Fathers there would be no Daughters.

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22 thoughts on “D is for………………..

    1. Backwards – who are you callin backwards lol. Yes Dianne, its a little fun on a Friday, going through the alphabet from Z to A. Nealy finished so not sure what I’ll do then.


  1. My dad was very close to our older brother and he was very hard on my older sister. He spoiled me rotten but I feared him a great deal because of his treatment of my sister. Not physically abusive but very, very strict. He had been raised an only child and did not have a clue about multiple children in a family. He was actually over protective of my sister and she didnt get it and neither did I until we were older. We all loved our dad and mom both but parents take some getting used to:)


    1. annie it is a shame we have to look back on our childhood to realise where our parents went wrong – wonder what our children will think of us when they are old


  2. I’m always a little envious of people who’ve had good dads. Mine was ineffective. Thankfully, I learned from that and managed to give my children a great one. Healing my wounds through them had been the best thing ever.


    1. Its a shame that mothers and fathers don’t have a handbook – but then we would all live life the same way and I dont think that would be good. Glad to hear you found some comfort later in life


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