New heroes………………

On the surface it looks like Australia has two new young sports heroes
Well it just seems as though they are ‘new’ to their sports

In fact they have been ‘in their game’ for quite a few years
and are now reaping some of the benefits of all that hard work

Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo is 25
He has been around ‘cars’ most of his life moving up from ‘karts’ as a youngster through various Formula competitions to finally competing in Formula One.  He really came to the Australian publics eye in March this year at the Australian Grand Prix where he came second (but was later disqualified from for a ruling on ‘fuel flow rate’)  Since then he has won the Canadian Grand Prix.

daniel ricciardo

Tennis player Nick Krygios is 19
Represented Australia in Davis Cup matches, as well as other major tournaments he has competed in the Australian Open, the French Open, and has now reached the 4th round of Wimbledon.  He is drawn against Rafael Nadal so we will have to wait till tomorrow to see how he does.

nick kyrgios

Like all the ‘overnight sensations’ we see on the television pop music shows this couple of youngsters have been making their way up the ladder of their chosen careers for many years.

There wont always be smiling faces so lets wish them lots of luck for many years to come

5 Replies to “New heroes………………”

  1. What a nice idea Cathy. I shall watch out for Nick Krygios tomorrow when Wimbledon comes on. We get it at 2 pm, in America it’s a morning programme. It must be late for you over there?


  2. Thank you. I suspect that these ‘over night success stories’ wish that it could have happened that way. Rather a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into their success. Theirs, and their families.


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