It’s here x 2…………….

Yes it’s definitely here now 🙂
Following on from my last post I can say
That Winter has definitely arrived now!


Overnight the promised gales and rain storms arrived – freezing temps as well
Today we experienced what was described as a ‘Winter Weather Bomb’
which gave us
Gale force winds (100kms and more) which meant many trees came down in some very inconvenient places (over roads and railway lines) : Pouring rain, so much so that The Yarra burst its banks at Southbank and part of the CBD was flooded: Power outages, at one time 60,000 homes were affected: and there was snow at Mt Donna Buang – 1 hour away from us.

But what is good is the snow resorts have finally had a good dump – they needed it because after the warm autumn and early winter things weren’t looking good for the school holidays which start next week.

So I can say – oh yes, Winter has definitely arrived.

And look here – it even made news in The Guardian no less lol

8 thoughts on “It’s here x 2…………….

  1. Oh yes I can confirm. Very cold and windy and heaps of rain. It’s going to be
    A little better for a couple of days and then a couple more cold fronts back to back will hit us. Got that fire crackling away as I type now. Stay warm and safe


  2. I know the skiers are happy, but I am glad not to have to look at the snow for a while. Seems like yesterday that my huge snow mound melted. So it’s time to pull out all your own knit items and wear them, right?


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