It’s here………..

Well actually……….. it’s been and gone
The Winter Solstice I’m talking about.

Celebrated by many in many different ways here in Australia
Maybe not quite a strangely as these hardy swimmers in Hobart, Tasmania
They took to the cold waters in the NUDE!!

nude solstice swim

Yes, we are now into the second half of the year
Days will become longer – nights will become shorter.

Winter days are still here though
Will be for a while
We have dark skies and gale force winds outside
Thunderstorms and hail forecast for later
Colder tomorrow 😦

But who cares
We are on the way up again
‘they’ say the sun might shine again later in the week
Will have to dig out the sunnies lol


21 thoughts on “It’s here………..

  1. It’s cold and windy here today. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Not that’s it cold in here with the fire going. Stay warm.


  2. …and here in England we are just past the summer solstice. Apparently there were 37,000 people at Stonehenge to celebrate this year. I know you are looking forward to Spring again Cathy. You’re not a winter person, are you. May it come quickly for you.


  3. I prefer winter weather. Snuggling into a cosy bed, and hot drinks have a great deal more appeal than the sad and soggy mess than summer makes of me. The light I miss, but the heat? No.
    And I swam in Antarctica (sans wetsuit) so the solstice swim appealed to me.


    1. I think it’s the lack go light that gets to me as well – that and not being warm.
      Antarctica in the nuddy – well now that’s certainly an achievement !


  4. I think it’s hilarious they are all wearing hats and nothing else!
    In the US of course we were celebrating the summer solstice and longest day, and it is light until 10 o’clock at night.


  5. We are finally getting nicer weather in the Maritimes. I am spending time at our camper at Campers City Seasonal Resort where we have a seasonal site. The grandchildren love it here also. I just come when my sister has some days off so she can stay with our Mom. Our Mom is 97 years old and lives with my husband and I. I bet you cannot wait until your nicer weather comes. The older I get the more I do not like the cool weather. Have a nice day.


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