If you go down to the nursery today……………….

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to do some blog visiting and also answer some comments this week – however in the meantime –

After all the interest shown in the fabulous concrete animals and gnomes featured the other week I thought you might like to see where they were residing the day I took their photographs.
They were here at Colchester NurseryGarden Centre Colchester Road front

There was a special reason to visit the garden centre that particular day and seeing all those fun garden ornaments was like adding icing to the top of the cake.

Some of you may remember the problem I had with the lavender round the washing line, however if you are new here you can read the full story over several posts/years by using the ‘search facility’ (top right hand corner) entering ‘lavender washing line’ in the box.

October 2013
October 2013

Not all recovered so in the end I decided to remove them and replant.
Don’t those little tube cuttings look small lol

1 New lavender2 new lavender

Of course driving down to Colchester Road and visiting the best Plant Nursery/Garden Centre in the area with that view of The Dandenongs is not really a chore at all.  There are all those other outdoor goodies to be found there.  Have to limit my visits though as it’s a bit like walking into the big craft shop close by (Sp’tlight) in that I have been known to come out with more than I intended

~ ~ Mulch and Wood just waiting to be loaded and taken home in a trailer ~ ~
~ ~ Mulch and Wood just waiting to be loaded and taken home in a trailer ~ ~
~ ~ Sand, soil and other delights ready for pick up ~ ~
~ ~ Sand, soil and other delights ready for pick up ~ ~

They are well known for specialising in Roses
If you can’t find the named variety you are looking for in their stock they will certainly order it in for you.  These are all potted and growing well – ready to be taken home at moments notice.
However it won’t be long now before the sawdust filled barrels of bare rooted plants arrive.   All ready for the winter planting some hardy gardeners prefer.

~ ~ Roses as far as the eye can see ~ ~
~ ~ Roses as far as the eye can see ~ ~



~ ~ Standard Roses ~ ~
~ ~ Standard Roses ~ ~

So what else did I spot?
There are acres of ground filled with plants of all shapes and sizes as well as a big round shadehouse filled with seedlings.  They have an indoor area for house plants, a shaded one at the back for ‘tender’ plants as well as a large section devoted to fruit trees and bushes.  I wonder why I only allow myself a couple of visits per year!!

Potted plants ready for planting outseedlings 1

But look at these beauties that were right near the front of the car park.  Hand painted urns just waiting to catch someones eye.  Not sure if I’d want a concrete gargoyle as a welcome sign tho lol

Painted urns

 I’ve had a terrible time trying to size the photos so you will have to do the double click routine to really enjoy them

 Is there anywhere special in your neighbourhood you’d like to share

15 thoughts on “If you go down to the nursery today……………….

    1. Even tho there isn’t a cafe onsite They do seem to have more customers there at the weekend. Pity you live in an apartment – window box gardening maybe lol


  1. I like the local nurseries – viveros: very few on the main roads, they need seeking out but some are surprisingly large and for me…still exploring tropical plants…an extreme tempation to fill the car.


  2. What a lovely location for a nursery. I would probably have to limit myself to only a couple visits per year, too. But as your your last question, I will share about a special place I visited two days in a row this weekend.


    1. Visits, I’ve known a few – a few too many at times, enough to make me wonder where I was actually going to plant the plants I thought too good to leave behind!
      btw You came up with a great post to share with us


  3. Actually there is a place down the road from us that I envy every day as I drive by. Because of the location there is not a place to stop and take photographs without fear of a car coming over the hill and hitting you. The pictures I have tried to take from the car when it is moving never turned out any good. Perhaps I will figure out a way.


    1. The new plants seem to have settled in really well now Sharon – I cut the old ones back really hard and transplanted some of them and believe it or not they have taken off in the new spot putting on lots of growth. I’m hoping they flower well in the summer


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