G is for………..

Friday is usually Mum’s Alphabet Blogging day but Oops I missed Friday
So am here on Saturday
which is still Friday in the UK and other parts of the world lol

We are now up to (well down to in this case) the letter G
What’s it to be
Going to – Got to – Grab it – Give it – Gunna do this

No, my word of the day is Gumboots
or Wellington Boots as they are known elsewhere.
Some of my grandchildren call them ‘Gumbies’ – I just call them my ‘Wellies’

A long rubber boot
An item of rubber footwear used for keeping the feet and legs dry
They have gone from being a royal fashion statement in their early days when designed by the Duke of Wellington to almost being staple footwear in some societies.

These are mine – plain and simple in blue 🙂

gum boot 2

These I saw for sale in one of our large shopping centres
Multi coloured – back to being a fashion statement


Seems like we enjoy paying homage to the Gumboot

Did you know there is a Gum Boot Song

There is also Gum Boot Dancing

Here in Australia we have a Golden Gumboot Big Thing

~ Golden Gumboot at Tully ~
~ Golden Gumboot at Tully ~

golden gumboot sign

There is a roaring trade in Gum Boot acessories
The Duke would have had a ‘man’ to help with taking his off and cleaning them – we could use one of these if we wished

gum boot set

 I tend to use the top step to the deck or if it’s raining my back door step:)

And to keep you comfortable there are fleecy socks that don’t ride down
with instructions on how to put them on!

over the topover the top gumboot socks

Today could turn out to be a Great day – have got to do some Gardening
Showers forecast so might need to get my Gum Boots out!
Where are yours – will they be in use today??

And as I’m a glutton for finding out about things if you are interested you can:
Read about the history of Wellies HERE
Read about how they are made HERE


Do pop over to Mum’s blog and see what others have written about the letter G

11 thoughts on “G is for………..

  1. We wore them on the farm when I was young. I am pleased to not have to wear them now. Mud, mud and more mud. I had forgotten about what happens to socks in gum boots, and incredibly there is now a sock that stays put.


  2. Mine are purple. But are getting on in years now. I’d love a funky pair like in your photo. But while they are still whole and functional I won’t be replacing my faithful gumbies


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