Winter Warmers……………..

Our greengrocer seems to be able to get his hands on some lovely bargains.

There is a little corner of the shop where he has a trolley filled with them. Bags of fruit and veg that is.   Trouble is you can’t make a list of which ones you’d like as they vary from week to week

Mind you at a dollar a bag it does mean I can do a bit of experimenting in the cooking dept.
I have a website I often turn to that provides me with lots of ideas
That doesn’t mean to say I follow their recipes to the tee – I’ll often add or substitute but usually follow if I can.  Milk instead of cream – get the idea 🙂

The other week it was a bag of parsnips that caught my eye – small enough to be individual sized if roasted – they turned into Parsnip Bacon and Thyme soup.

Then last week there were bags of very large (read enormous) carrots – definitely not the all the same size and shape the supermarkets seem to encourage their suppliers to grow!

Well some of them were turned into Carrot Leek and Ginger soup.

A glut of cheap cauliflowers sent me looking for something different
Curried Cauliflower Soup definitely sounded different lol

1 Didn’t go for the chunky look though – so turned it into smooth
Nice for lunch outside on a reasonably ‘warmish’ day last month during our warmer than usual autumn.
No outdoor lunches this week though – winter has arrived 😦


And what’s really good is there are containers of soups in the freezer ready for those ‘can’t be bothered to cook’ days that come around now and again.

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  1. Looks yummy to me. Wish I was there. Thanks for the website I seen some
    receipes I would like to try. Have a nice evening.


  2. I like to take random chances like what you’ve done at the market with the veg and the soups and it stretches our imagination a bit to use something we would not normally think of. Thanks for sharing the link. I checked it out and will have to go back!


  3. I love home-made soup Cathy and yours looks delicious. Parsnips make a great soup. I shall have to try it with bacon and thyme. Sounds marvellous.


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