Where to from here…..

For some reason there are times when I’m not content to start and continue knitting until I’ve finished a garment

Too many ideas running through my head!

Here’s the evidence that proves I’m at that point right now

On the go

Baby’s white cardigan – needs one front

Girl’s yellow cardigan – needs one front and second sleeve

Boy’s blue jumper – needs two sleeves

Child’s multi colour jumper – needs front and two sleeves

Knitted slippers – one of a pair knit, needs second slipper

eeny, meeny, miny, mo – which do I carry on with?

Probably the front of the baby cardigan, or maybe the other sleeve of the yellow cardigan.  But then I could get the other slipper done in next to no time.

Oh dear decisions! decisions!

Do you have this problem??

17 thoughts on “Where to from here…..

  1. It seems to me that I did that when I used to knit. Now I sort of do the same things with stories… there is always something else needing to be stirred on the back burner. 🙂


  2. Oh my, my knitting project is aging like an old wine in a bag hidden somewhere. It doesn’t bother me not to finish projects. My mother is 91 and still tries to knit socks. I wear them all the time.


    1. Ha Ha Gm I’ve only shown you what I’m working on at the moment – like you there are oodles hanging about in the wings ready to go at a moments notice!


  3. I think a lot of knitters have a least two projects on the go. When one seems to bore you – you go to the other. The finishing is the hard part. Decisions are the hardest part ! Looks like lovely knitting to me. Good job.


    1. My goodness it would appear I get bored easily Germaine – I know once I get started again these won’t take long to finish. And as I told Grannymar there are plenty more where they came from lol


  4. G’day Cathy. Yes, I have that problem big time. Though mine is not knitting, it’s with my sewing. I have too many unfinished projects. My New Years resolution was to try to get most of them completed before starting something new. I have failed miserably. Have only finished one small project. Oh well, why worry ! Tomorrow is another day. Take care. Liz…


    1. Yes Liz those ever present UFOs – mine are binding their time, waiting in line for me to ‘get the urge’. Going to be cold this week so maybe there is a glimmer of hope in the weather forecast – cold days warm fire knitting needles at the ready lol


  5. My “projects” basket is full of the unfinished and always will be. Let me suggest that you start completing your pieces in the order you listed them above. Just an idea.


  6. I guess iI am knot a bona Fidel yarn person like you or GM. I just finished crocheting a throw for David. It took a year and I kept telling him I would have it done to cover his legs when he had a wheelchair. He’s not there yet, but the throw is done.


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