H is for…………………..

Friday has arrived – once again It’s Mum’s alphabet blogging day
And the letter of the week is H

How do you think about where you live
House v Home

If you happen to show someone the building
Do you say – that is our house or that is our home?

There are lots of ideas out there on the WWW.
Most seem to conclude that
A house is a physical structure with walls a roof and a door
A home can be anywhere you live, that place, that structure made pleasant and safe by the people who live there

So what about you?
What are your thoughts

Is it just
A House – something that you are living in
A Home – the place where you are living but also where you feel comfortable and safe.

Are you content and thankful just to have a roof over your head
do you feel you must have things around you that you are able to relate to.
Things that prove this place is yours – give you a sense of identity

‘Home is where the Heart is’

We often talk about the ‘family home’
Does that mean that those who are single, widowed or divorced, those with no one to love or share their place with live in a home or is it just a house?

Do those owners of immaculate places have a house or a home ?

Does owning the place make any difference?
To me it does
I know on the few occasions we have rented I found I couldn’t form an attachment to the ‘House’.  That’s all it was – A House we were living in.

Because of circumstances at those times, we were actually renting fully furnished so there wasn’t much we could do to make the place ‘ours’.  Yes, we had some bits and pieces and knick knacks to dot here and there around the house but
We could never change the paint colour, decorate or alter in any other form, and in some cases not even put a nail in the wall to hang pictures.
So I never felt it was our ‘Home’

I’d love to know how others have felt if they’ve experienced living that way.  Does being able to put your stamp on rented premises make it more homelike for you or have you accepted what has been offered as
‘this is it at the moment’.

Does this strike you as a beautiful home?
Snapped in Far North Queensland by The Golfer
(where else but near a golf course lol)
A Bowerbird’s Bower aka as a folly
(Possibly belonging to a Great Bowerbird)

~ Bower Bird's Folly ~
~ Bower Bird’s Folly ~

Bower Bird 2

I used to think these were actually the home of the Bowerbird
but it seems that is not so.  They are built by the male to try and entice the female to come by and see what a jolly good fella he is.
They would make a lovely home tho.  Fully furnished and decorated, ready to move in.

The bowers aren’t nests for raising kids; they are bachelor pads designed to attract and seduce one or more mates. When a female arrives to inspect the bower, the male struts and sings. He hopes to convince her to enter the bower, where mating takes place. The female then flies off to build a nest close by, leaving the male to try to convince another female to join in a romantic tryst.

This link explains about all the different sorts of decorations – not always blue
Bowerbird Blues

How to seduce a bird using interior decoration  

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12 thoughts on “H is for…………………..

  1. House VS Home… I have always lived at home, went home, cleaned the house, painted the house – I think it depends on where you grew up and how your parents phrased it.


  2. Fascinating article about the bower birds. I didn’t know much about them and they are really interesting.
    I have felt “at home” in most of the places I’ve lived, rented or owned, and even when traveling. As I think about it, I guess it just takes having a few important things around me like photos of loved ones to make me happy and comfortable.


  3. How interesting about the birds. Home is where your love ones are! You make any house or an apartment a home. My opinion only.


  4. Next week I will sell our final connection to our honeymoon home. Ron and I spent our first seven years in a small Kansas community the likes of which I had never seen. Town population 67. We lived in a one room school house that Ron had remodeled into a two bedroom, one bath, living room and kitchen with utility porch and we were surrounded by his commodities (never call it junk). The property was not our home, the community was our home, the love we found there was our home, the drives we took every evening was our home. It is all deteriorating now and once I let it go, I will be able to finally give myself over to this place as my home. Ron and I have happy years here too but so much of it was dealing with his illness.


  5. Home is where the heart is, where I feel safe. For me there have been many homes. I moved between two continents and traveled back and forth. My mother has only had one home, our farm, her entire life.


  6. What a very unusual bird. I notice that the males leave it to the female to make the ‘real’ home, theirs only being a grand enticement. I think home is where the heart is so it really could be anywhere, couldn’t it?
    Love from Mum


  7. I always find something interesting to take away from your posts. Thanks for sharing about the bower birds. I use both house and home, but not in interchangeably. And years ago, when I rented an apartment, I felt at home there, too.


  8. The place I live is ‘my bundle of bricks’. I once asked Elly how she would feel if I moved, her answer was: “Mum, home will be wherever you are!”

    Maybe I should become a snail and carry my house on my back! 😉


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