I is for……………..

Alphabet Blogging is using the letter I this week

So I thought ‘What about Ironing’??

Ironing is the use of a heated tool (an iron) to remove wrinkles from fabric
A Laundry Maid Ironing circa 1765-82 by Henry Robert Morland 1716-1797

A Laundry Maid Ironing
Henry Morland 1716-1797

Now I have to say – Ironing and me don’t go together
I don’t like Ironing at all – no, not one little bit

I hang clothes on the line in a very precise way
then when they are dry all I do is
either fold them neatly to go in a drawer or hang them in the wardrobe

The Golfer was in the forces when we met and was used to ironing his shirts
When we married and I jokingly said
‘I don’t do cooked breakfasts or iron shirts’
he didn’t appear to be upset in any way
About the shirts that is lol

For most of his working life he wore business type shirts
and they had to be done ‘just so’
so as far as I was concerned
the best person to do them was him himself 🙂

Consequently The Golfer has always ironed his own shirts.
220px-Ironing_a_shirt Now it’s confession time
I used to ‘take in’ Ironing
Yes I would willingly do it for other people.

When the children we small we needed extra cash
and I needed to be at home with them
I did what I had to
Even if it was something I didn’t particularly like.

Not something you readily admitted to in those days.

After a while I quite enjoyed doing it
There was a sense of satisfaction seeing all the garments
folded neatly in baskets waiting to be picked up

Didn’t do it when the chldren were running around
‘Safety and sticky fingers to think about’
Clients would drop off one day and pick up the next
so it was usually done during ‘sleep time’ or in the evenings watching tv

I gave it up when they were older and we had more cash
It was hard enough then keeping up with ours
let alone taking in more lol

These days the iron only comes out if necessary
not as a matter of course.
Modern materials and appliances make life a lot easier
There are steamers and ‘ooh la la’ irons with bells and whistles attached
that enable you to breeze through the job so so quickly

However I’m still the first to admit
I don’t like Ironing – no not one little bit

What about you??


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24 thoughts on “I is for……………..

  1. I thought I was the only person that hated ironing. I use the dryer and fold. When I was young I used to watch my Mom ironing pillow cases and face cloths. She ironed everything. You are not alone in not liking ironing.


  2. G’day Cathy. I’m with you. I hang my clothes on the line in an exact way. I always fold them straight from the line also. My mother did the same thing and I learnt from her. She led a busy life and didn’t have time for too much ironing. My ironing is minimal. I can remember some years ago when I had a different career and worked at a Police Station in Gippsland, my work shirts had to be so well pressed and it was a chore I hated doing. I even went as far as getting a local lady who did ironing to tackle the job and one day I asked her did she like ironing and she looked at me and laughed and said “yes, actually I do” so it just goes to prove, there are some out there who enjoy it !! Take care. Liz….


    1. Even tho my mother didn’t rate ironing high on her list of likes it was seeing all the clothes bundled into a basket that made me think there had to be a better way to get round this dislike. Hence the hanging on the line neatly- certainly makes life a lot easier for me


  3. I too hang the clothes so as to avoid ironing…but the ladies here make a fetish of it..the men on the morning bus with their sleeves ironed into razor sharp creases…still, it keeps other women from laying hands on them…


  4. I kind of like ironing, unless it’s something really difficult and fussy. Most things don’t need it anymore but I always have a few that do, and there is nothing like putting your tired head on a crisp, freshly ironed cotton pillowcase!


    1. More and more of us are doing without dryers these days Gigi – I know I haven’t used ours for many a year now. Have to agree they do do the work for you and are good for ‘freshening’ up a pre worn garment as well


  5. I like ironing. A good play or audio book and a few toffees to chew on and I will iron ’till the cows come home. Now I need to stop….. so my face does not look so creased. I wonder if I bought a hat with a veil, would that suffice?


    1. I laughed at the comparison when I first saw that funny Grannymar . I can’t have the TV on in the background because I lose all sense of time and get engrossed in whatever is on instead of doing the job in hand


      1. Cathy, it would be a radio play for me, i got rid of my TV years ago, far too distracting. With the radio, I can listen while ironing, knitting, sewing or baking. Living alone, it breaks the silence!


  6. Im like you cathy. I hang washing so it doesn’t need ironing. I only iron while quilting. And yes like you when the children were small I did others ironing and cleaning to make extra money. But now, the need isn’t there anymore thqnk goodness.


  7. I detest ironing, my Sister irons everything, I iron as little as I can get away with and fold as soon as the clothes come off the line, I love drying clothes and bedding outside but have become an expert folder too x Dawn


  8. I could iron all day if the ironing board was set up permanently and there was a special area just for ironing but I hate setting up, taking down and putting away. Therefore I never iron anything unless there is a special event that requires the clothing be ironed.


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