How do they really see us…………

Tidying up today I found these recent cards under some papers.
All very different.

There is ‘simple’ – no words except on the front
Left blank inside for a personal message

MD card

Then there is ‘amusing’
MD card 1MD card 2

and the third is ‘loving’

MD card 3

MD card 4MD card 5

I’m not knocking the sentiment shown on a very commercial ‘holiday’
Yet I do wonder if that is really how they see me’

Cards, flowers, gifts, family gatherings and displays of love
or ‘hello Mum, how are you’ often during the year
How do you feel about sentimental ‘special days’

7 thoughts on “How do they really see us…………

  1. We will always have special days but some such as Christmas and Easter are completely ridiculous. This is a throw away society. Buy Buy and Buy more. Just my opinion. Occasions were not over done years ago. Simple yet more meaningful.
    A card is lovely on any occasion but some are people spend far too much money for cards and they are expensive in Canada. Hallmark ones are! I guess it depends
    on people.


  2. When my kids were much younger and would ask what they should get me for my birthday, the answer always was, “Make me a card.” I have kept them all. As for the store-bought ones, I do like it when I get one with a hand-written message inside and, so, try and do likewise when the occasion allows.


  3. I treasure the cards I get. I love handmade ones, but some people feel they aren’t “creative” enough to make their own or find it difficult to express themselves in their own words. I love that they spent time finding the right one.
    As for the commercial-ness that surrounds holidays, we pretty much avoid it and use holidays to make memories together. The Dollar Stores in the US have nice cards 2/$1, and other stores have an area of “value” cards for $1.


  4. Card number two, could have come from Elly! I discourage cards and cut flowers, they are such a waste of money. An email, a call, or better still a hug are the gifts I prefer.

    I knew a lady many years ago who boasted to her work mates about how generous her husband was a Christmas. Each year he gave her £100 STG to spend on whatever she wanted. That was in the days when the other women were lucky to get £15-20 Stg spent on their present. The reason for the generosity was soon uncovered, the husband was having an affair on the side.


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