(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday – But wait, there’s more………………….

This is a ‘nearly’ Wordless Wednesday Post

There were other delights to be found the day I visited the garden centre.
But first I must tell you that
Here in Australia it is winter sport season
And here in Melbourne the predominant winter sport is Aussie Rules
administered by the AFL
Australian Rules Football

A game where players use an oval shaped ball that they move from one end of the ground by kicking or throwing or even running with the ball and then trying to get it through the goal posts.  These are four large poles and you can score points for a goal or a a point for a behind
I won’t go into the rules and regulations (‘cose I don’t know most of them)
But for diehard followers there is only one thing that matters at this time of the year ( or any time of the year to be precise) and that is Their Team?
‘Who do you barrack for’
would most likely be the first thing asked when people meet for the first time
(only joking – but it could be possible lol)

Anyway back to the Garden Centre
We all know it is important to have a figurine or a statue in our garden – one that can be admired or even revered.  Do you think one of these would be a welcome gift to an Aussie Rules Footy Fan??

Footy Gnomes


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17 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday – But wait, there’s more………………….

  1. How interesting about football. My grandson plays football here in Canada. Thank you for the post as he would be interested in reading how they play in Australia.


  2. We are full of football fever here just lately too. As the season has drawn to a close, only the major tournaments linger and the World Cup, of course. Time zones will make that difficult to watch, but I expect we’ll see some of it. Love the little figurines you showed us, but I don’t think I’d want them in my garden. I’m traditional. I like my gnome!


  3. Hi Cathy, yes I reckon some footy fans would just love to have those little fellows in their gardens – would make good gifts :D)


  4. We call them Garden Gnomes in the US and if you put a hockey stick or a baseball bat in their hands, I’m sure they would appear in gardens here!


  5. I’m guessing you have to pick the right colors to make a proper gift to someone who loves the game. Right? Fun post on the day that our NFL announced Minnesota as the location of Super Bowl LII in 2018. I really have been enjoying your garden store pix!


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