K is for…………….

Slow off the mark this week – or should it be last week
W/press would not co-operate so here is Friday’s Alphabet Blogging Post

A very long time ago we learned about Kinetic Energy at school
Do not ask me to explain it – all I remember is the words car, a hill and motion
Drive to the top and you have the potential to keep on going up and down for quite a while

~ ~ Kinetic Energy ~ ~

~ ~ Kinetic Energy ~ ~

Naturally there was a formula involved – definitely forgotten now!

The teacher then went on to say we all have potential so if we put our minds to work we could achieve lots more than if we sat around doing nothing with all that energy pent up inside us.

Well at least I think that’s what he said lol

I’ll just keep on keeping on and hope I can produce the energy to do it
Kinetic or otherwise 🙂

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4 thoughts on “K is for…………….

  1. Hi Cathy, it’s been a while but I have enjoyed catching up on your blog today. An interesting post and oh boy, that header photo of yours is stunning!


  2. Does the formula involve allowing your grown children to do all your work for you while you rest? That is what is happening here right now and I like it a lot:)


  3. A good lesson and conclusion from your teacher. I wouldn’t have gotten it back then; or at least ignored it. Now, here we both are, years later, thinking about it!


  4. I’m very impressed you can remember something from school so well. I was only discussing with my teenage son yesterday how a lot of what I learnt at school (particularly maths) has never been at all useful in life. All those sines and cosines, and all that x and y stuff – why did I have to learn it all?!!


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