Wordless Wednesday – Wonder what the neighbours would think!

Frustrated over the rising cost of animal fodder
Never fear – put all your worries behind you
No feeding required for this herd


 No more crowing at sunrise – no more noisy honking
No problem with foxes – No eggs though 😦


Unusual Pets for sale – no walking needed

A farm of your very own – no mucking out required

Farm yard

Now for those with more exotic tastes
Giant Panda anyone??Panda

Mind you it’s getting ridiculous now
This one comes with it’s own food supply

Blood and Bone lol


Now for a touch of class
But better hide that one from the neighbours!!

See what other whimsical wonders can be seen at the local garden centre
Pop in – you never know what you’ll find

playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way

 Wordless Wednesday occurs all over the internet each Wednesday,
when bloggers let photos speak for themselves.

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Wonder what the neighbours would think!

  1. Wow, your local garden center has such different things! I can’t imagine putting a life-sized cow in my garden, but I’d love to see it how someone else would use it!


  2. Hi Cathy, love your post – oh my goodness, I’d so overdo it in that shop!! I’d have some chooks and a cow, and then of course got to have a calf to go with her. Also that doggie … ha ha and so on! Cheers :D)


  3. No garden center near me with all that whimsey. I’ll take a pig or two, and maybe that dog. Imagine the joy of it all.


  4. I have banned myself from our local garden centre as I cannot help myself and want everything!! Great pictures.


  5. I must admit I have never seen such big animals. I would like to have one for
    my deck like the big dog. Nice seeing them.


  6. That was such a fun post! It makes me want to go visit some local garden centers to see what they have. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge variety of animals, but I must admit to not looking too carefully. Now if there had been a unicorn, my granddaughter would be escited about it! Very fun post!


  7. That’s quite a garden shop! Very fun post. I think I’ll take a gator or two to scare the rabbits away from my vegetables.


  8. I always thought that garden centres should sell plants and items for the garden. I just can’t see that some of those animals would sit well on our lawn!
    Love from Mum


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