Weekend Wonderings…………………

Yes,  just a few little things
(aka as Whys)
that crossed my mind over the weekend

Why would a couple that we have known for many years wait till one is in their late 70s and the other in their 80s to separate?  End a 50 year marriage allowing the husband to unload on to The Golfer’s shoulder all the emotional feelings that come with that act.  No going back now, solicitors are involved legal documents have been signed and the house will be on the market soon.

I saw a packet of a certain cereal not seen by me for years in my friend’s pantry during our stay last month – why did I have to go out, hunt it down and buy it when we got home?



I didn’t like it years ago and after opening one of the individually wrapped packages, looking and smelling told me I still wouldn’t like it.  Not one to give in I tried one serving – no, after all these years I still don’t enjoy chewing cardboard lol

Why after reading and enjoying 2 books in a series did I give up half way through the third and return it to the library (where I cancelled my hold on the remaining two )  I know I was getting fed up with the characters and felt the story line was becoming improbable but thats never stopped me in the past.

Why after a few weeks of sound sleep am I’m back to this old chestnut


And why do I still have that header picture from Glacier Bay there
It looks colder, greyer and more confronting each time I look at it

So there we are
some little ‘wonder whys’ that passed through my mind this past weekend

Have you come up with any Whys recently??

12 Replies to “Weekend Wonderings…………………”

  1. I do know why I eat Shredded Wheat. It is because it contains no sodium and is heart healthy. Why being married for 50 years and then divorce – can’t figure that out! Maybe going senile. LOL ! I wonder why life seems so unfair for some people?? I wonder all the time about things. Suppose we are worriers! I know I am. Oh well always could be worse.


  2. The couple in question… perhaps it’s a way to get more money. Married pensioners do not get double…
    I am sitting here listening to the symphony of honkers, wondering why I can’t fall asleep first…
    Personally, I love shredded wheat.
    Gee, I hope that wasn’t my series… :/
    I can usually tell when a book goes sour about 20% in.
    I wonder why I don’t go to bed until the last dog is hung. ?????


  3. No answers but my own whys:

    Why when I start an Easter egg, can I not stop until it is all gone?

    Why do I put things in safe places but always forget what that safe place is?

    Why do I wake up feeling full of energy at 4am but when I fall asleep and re-awake at 6am feel like I need four more hours?


  4. G’day Cathy. Shame about the marriage breakup after all those years. What were the books you gave up on? I could come up with a few whys that I have said recently. Why do I sleep for three or four hours then lie awake the rest of the night/morning ? Why did I say yes to making a cot quilt when I know I am not remotely interested? Why can’t one of my fellow workmates pull her weight ( I said this today) why,why,why…. Take care. Liz…


  5. oh i get fed up with book series, and quit. all in all, life is too short to keep slogging through any book, which ceases being fun for me.

    but we may take longer, to come to that conclusion… about life being too short to … etc., etc., etc. 🙂



  6. Loved your post! Great questions. About the book series . . . I did the same thing with a different genre. I don’t understand about the married couple – hard to even guess. Officer Friendly snored til he got a C-pap machine. I loved the rhythm of the machine and he rested better. The wheat cereal is very dry, but I love Glacier Bay!


  7. My aunt and uncle were married for over 50 years. It was believed they were a model couple. When he died she ranted and raved constantly about how much she had hated him and began giving away every gift he ever gave her, plus she was hitting on every man who came near her. It was very sad for her children to watch. My aunt was attempting to make up for all the years she lost being tied to to the wrong man.

    If I saw a box of that shredded wheat I would go on a hunt also. You only find the mini-wheat’s these days and I would want it just because it is not to be seen that often anymore. For some reason I think I liked it.

    It is not unusual for me to return a book or even a book series to the library if I don’t like it when I start. Why cling to hope that the writer, who could not grab you in the beginning, will be able to grab you attention later?


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