Visitors of the native kind………..

This is for Dianne
October 2011 – Far eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Foothills of the Dandenong Ranges

Look what was on the front grass when I got home one afternoon
Oh yes, there are times of the year when our grass is an unintentional special mix of dandelions and daisies –  But that’s not what I’m showing you lol

1There they are
A pair of Crimson Rosellas looking for something tasty to eat

Yes thats what I saw

Not too concerned to begin with
Nice dandelion clock there full of seeds!


Almost like staues – Eyes straight ahead
showing off their beautiful red heads and blue speckled wings and back


Uh Oh Looks like I’ve been sprung


The one closest to the car carried on moving about and munching
but wasn’t sure if he saw anything or not


Plenty to eat here but they left soon after


I’d turned the engine off and coasted down the drive
Then took these through the closed window
hence the different colour on the grass in some.

Crimson Rosella
Scientific Name:
Platycercus elegans
Featured bird groups:

The first is full size but the others have been cropped
Hope you enjoy them 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Visitors of the native kind………..

  1. G’day Cathy. Love pictures. They really are beautiful birds. We get them in the back yard ever now and then. It is always a treat to see them. Take care. Liz…


  2. Great photos, Cathy! I love crimson rosellas, though they don’t come as far north as where we are. I often saw them in my young days in the Illawarra area of NSW.
    Thank you so much for following my blog. 🙂


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