Summer Reads……………..

Thought I’d move on to something else today – I was beginning to sound like someone in a television series (Grumpy Old Women) in the last post lol

Chatting away to an acquaintance at the gym we got round to the subject of reading.  She asked me to name the title of my current read and I said ‘Nothing’

My current read is – Nothing
On those long hot summer days of January and February I devoured 14 books so I’m sort of read out at the moment
and if the truth be told really need to finish the charity knitting and get it away before the weather turns cold.

So reading is on hold at the moment
Or as I read somewhere ‘I am between books’.

But I did tell her about some of my summer reads – All picked off the library shelf and all thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

When You Were Older by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Such a ‘simple’ story line about a man suddenly finding himself responsible for his mentally disabled (described that way by the author) brother after the death of his mother.  Both men having to adjust to life with each other after a long time apart.

Promotional blurb (found here) described it this way
WHEN YOU WERE OLDER is the poignant, uplifting, and thought-provoking story of two very different brothers who try to build a new life together, against the backdrop of an uncertain and uneasy time in our shared history.

when you were older


Old Filth by Jane Gardam

A funny yet almost true to life story about an aging barrister who had left London and moved to Hong Kong where life became very different to the one he had left behind.  His nickname Old FILTH came from Failed in London – Try Hong Kong.

A very English book (not in the Miss Read style) one that because of previous personal experiences I completely understood.  His thoughts move backwards and forwards as he relives his childhood in Malaya and his life overseas with Betty his recently deceased wife

The Age review (found here) can tell you more about the book than I can.

old filth


Still Alice by Lisa Genova

The fictional story about the life of an educated 50yr old woman who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers Disease. The story is written with Alice doing the narration, talking about her life and the way things are changing and how she has no idea why.  The book also touches on the effect this is having on the rest of the family.

Even tho’ it’s not a text book, having had personal experience with my aunt and her battle with Alzeimers I wish I had read this many years ago when she was first diagnosed.

There are so many reviews on Goodreads – click through, scroll down and see how ‘ordinary’ readers felt about it

I have discovered that it has recently (March/April 2014) been made into a film starring Julianne Moore in the role of Alice.

still alice

Hopefully I’ll be back to reading again soon
I know I’m no.3 in line for the second book in the Old Filth series.
The Man in the Wooden Hat.
Looking forward to quiet times book in hand as the weather cools down.

Now I’ve put lots of links in to the books, the authors and reviews
do have a look at some of them – you might find more to read there.

12 thoughts on “Summer Reads……………..

  1. I just read Still Alice too. I didn’t like her husband, but maybe Alice didn’t really like him and I just read too much into it. LOL! It was a good read. I’m currently reading The Kite Runner for Book Club and haven’t really gotten into it enough yet to know if I like it.


    1. Will have to look that one up. Yes Alice’s husband seemed to be giving up on her but I don’t think he quite knew how to cope with her illness. At times he almost seemed to think she had brought it on herself. Did like the way her girl took her under their wing instead of letting her move away as John had planned.


  2. I am a reader also though like knitting better. I took the names of several of the books and have it on my list to read for sure. Have a nice day.


  3. The man in the wooden hat is on BBC Iplayer radio at the moment..they’re on to episode two, but I’ll catch up with the first episode this afternoon.


    1. Did they play Old Filth previously Helen? – I know they are stand alone novels but tend to think having some insight to his character beforehand would be a good thing


  4. I haven’t read a book in a while either. Been busy crafting. But now the weather is turning and the days are shorter sitting in bed with a hot beverage and a good book is sounding like bliss xx


    1. I enjoyed them Dar – I’ll have to get back to my RDTH pile from last year sometime. No hurry tho – they aren’t going anywhere lol You are doing well with yours tho’ 🙂


  5. Oh yes, I hope you get back into a reading mode, now that winter is knocking on your door. Curling up in a favorite chair, under a warm blanket, with a book to read… Is one of the perks of winter. winter being a time to hibernate and all that. 🙂

    You are looking at the warm joys of hibernation. I am looking to wake myself up and get moving again. 🙂

    Isn’t blogging wonderful! Without it, we would forget that ours is not the only view of this world. A good, good, good thing, to remember.


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