Changes – big ones and little ones – they seem to happen all the time.
Luckily there haven’t been any major ones in my life recently but I have noticed some little ones – some I don’t mind – others I dislike.

You’ll notice I’ve changed back to my original theme.
Least said about the ‘new one’ I tried the better!

Our local bank premises (one of the big four with the colour blue featuring prominently in its branding) has been given a makeover.  There is a ‘take a ticket’ system with couches to wait on, however all the tellers are side by side along a counter with no dividing panels separating them.  Very different and a bit confronting withdrawing large amounts of cash (as I do on occasion) in full view of everyone else 😦

~ ~ ~ ~

There are changes in radio / tv programmes – minor in the whole scheme of things except for those who do not like them lol

~ ~ ~ ~

Most of Australia ‘fell back’ when our clocks changed this past weekend (so we are back to Australian Eastern Standard Time –  AEST) the east coast is now 10 hours in front of Greenwich Mean Time or Zulu Time or UTC. – but of course because of time changes in other countries we are less than that in actual time – if you follow my meaning lol

I know they’ve always been there but when did we change and start using all those other names in everyday speech??

The ‘extra hour’ we ‘gained’ on Sunday changed meant I was rested and wide awake to see daylight about 6am today, – but according to this study our body clocks don’t change that quickly.

~ ~ ~ ~

A sharp reminder of the season change was when I stopped the car outside the Montrose library and glanced at the hills and saw the yellow colour of this tree staring me in the face.

~ ~ Hills from Montrose - March 2014 ~ ~
~ ~ Hills from Montrose – March 2014 ~ ~


Which means there will be seasonal changes in the garden – some are evident now.
I can see the Cuban Lilly – Scilla peruviana – has new shoots pushing their heads up out of the ground.
They will be blooming about September/October time.

~ ~ Cuban Lilly - new shoots - April 2014 ~ ~
~ ~ Cuban Lilly – new shoots – April 2014 ~ ~




~ ~ Cuban Lillies tucked into a corner of a rose bed.  October 2013 ~ ~
~ ~ Cuban Lillies tucked into a corner of a rose bed. October 2013 ~ ~

Those are last years dead oak leaves by the way. Next door’s tree will supply me with plenty – very soon!!

~  Next doors Oak Tree Oct. 2013~ Cuban Lillies to right ~
~ Next doors Oak Tree Oct. 2013~ Cuban Lillies to right ~

How do you go with changes?
Seasonal or otherwise?

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20 thoughts on “Changes……………..

  1. Hi Cathy, I too don’t like changes to favourite tv shows, however, have quickly gotten used to the new inspector in Death in Paradise – previous one was good. I don’t like how New Tricks has changed… still enjoying the re-runs!
    Seasonal changes bring on my asthma – am lucky in that it isn’t a constant throughout the year, so I count my blessings.
    Hope you gave your bank some feedback on their changes – I totally agree with you, lack of privacy there both with personal discussions as well as amounts of money.
    We’re having a change of scene by way of a little holiday – that’s real nice.
    Hope your world continues to tick over happily. Cheers now :D)


    1. Spoke to the bank one day Susan – they said having no ‘barriers’meant the tellers could see what each customer was doing. Their view was limited at times with the old privacy shields


  2. Maybe you need a bag for the cash at the bank. Hand it to the teller and tell him or her to ‘fill it up’. But in a non threatening tone, of course.

    The radio person you refer to, are her initials AM? I adore her. I will write something about a couple of fill in media people for Thursday.

    The new person in Death in Paradise actor keeps reminds me of a Monkee, as in Hey Hey, We’re the Monkees.

    I had not heard of Zulu Time. What was wrong with GMT? Everybody knew exactly what it was.

    Some colouring of the trees here, but we always later than in the hills and foothills.


  3. Cathy:
    Here in Canada we have changes everywhere. The Politicians call it progress.
    Some are maybe but others I don’t think so ! More loss of jobs in some of the
    changes. Not good ! Like your pictures of scenery.


  4. I don’t know what you mean by OPENING THE POST to get to comments. I had to scroll back up to do so. Hmmm.
    As for changes, we in Hawaii don’t change our clocks at all whereas the rest of the nation does. We have perpetual summer. Lol.


  5. OT but, I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog…. But you show up as a “No Reply Blogger” so I couldn’t reply to your comment in email.

    Thank you for answering my question of, “Is my font easy-to-read?”…

    You said in your comment; “I’m sure it was large and twirly and different colours previously”… No, I have never posted in twirly font. I always use a simple font. So this must have been happening to you, tooooo. Previously.

    As to different colors, my click-able links are always in a color. You know they are click-able links, because when you pass your curser over them, they show up a BRILLIANT YELLOW. 🙂 And sometimes, I use different color print, just to perk up my post. A word here, and a word there, in color. But never a font, which is hard to read or twirly.

    Thank you for answering my question!!!


  6. Place to Comment… Mmmmmmmm Nope. I had a hard time finding place to Comment. Finally scrolled back up, and there where COMMENTS. Top of post. ??????? For me, it is still confusing. But, that’s just me.

    Change of Seasons, I try to be happy in whatever Season I am in. TRY!!! Not always make it.


  7. Now I see this “What are your thought?” box. But I had to get to the Comments, and comment, before seeing it. Duhhhh me, probably. 🙂


  8. For me, the privacy issue at the bank would bother me more for the customers who were able to view and hear my transaction than the tellers. When I withdraw any cash using a teller, I ask them NOT to count it out loud for me. I do not want another customer next to me knowing how much cash I might have when I exit the bank. I tell them I will watch them count it. I’ve been doing this for a while. I started it when one teller’s ‘counting’ voice was just too loud for me to feel comfortable about doing business.


  9. I have been trying to get someone to give me their opinion of the new gal on NCIS and nobody has one. Glad to hear that you share mine. I cannot get used to her and don’t think I will.


  10. Cathy, I like this layout. As for Midsommer Murders, the “new” Barnaby is a favorite. Years ago he played the chauffeur who drove Diana Riggs in her mystery series. We’re getting used to the new detective in Paradise, he was crazy Nick in My Family. My favorites are Vera up in Northumberland England and Phrynne Fisher, the Aussie lass.


  11. Interesting thoughts on changes!

    I agree with you about the NCIS change. It’s was difficult to replace Kate so many years ago, and now impossible to replace Ziva. (If you’re watching it to only please The Golfer, you might not have any idea who I’m talking about!) 🙂 I don’t think the writing is as good this season either. Oh well. At least we have the earlier seasons’ reruns to enjoy here in Norway!

    My oldest daughter was in Japan for three years; my husband’s youngest son is in Auckland. We’re in Norway. My family is scattered around the U.S. Without my iPod time-zone app, I’d never know what time everyone was in! 🙂 And any way you look at it, my body clock takes forever to catch up.

    I hope your autumn changes are beautiful! I’m enjoying the various shades of green that are starting to show on the trees here.


  12. I am not fond of the change to daylight time here in the states. We lose an hour in the spring, which really isn’t bad, except that we do it so darn early in the year (now in March), that it is still dark when I get up. If we could just leave the clocks alone, i would get that extra hour of daylight in the morning, when I need it most.


  13. Interesting post Cathy and I’ve only just seen it. My Reader seems to miss some – I wonder why. We put out clocks forward at the end of March! Yes we have changes too and not all good ones. It seems we have to live our lives without much privacy these days, doesn’t it.


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