It’s an Age Problem for some…………….

I’ve noticed lots of talk on blogs recently about how Spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere and how everyone is  looking forward to being outside enjoying the sunshine and once Summer arrives swimming will be back on the agenda.  For me, well, we wont be going up north this Winter so until our weather warms up again towards the end of the year here in Victoria I’m going to have to be content with my classes at the indoor pool.

When lots of us retire we grab any chances we have at being able to try out many of the things on our wish list – I really want to learn to crochet, maybe this will be the winter to try.  Some of us get more daring as we age – skydiving anyone?  Thats often on a birthday wish list – not for me though.

And as much as I enjoy my sunbathing here is a gentle but true reminder for me not to get daring on the beach any time soon!

Sunbathers unite

Anyone going topless this year???

15 thoughts on “It’s an Age Problem for some…………….

  1. Oh dear…how true! Everything slipping below the equator.

    Luckily we have our own little pool, not overlooked, so the only ones scandalised by my bathing habits are the birds chattering indignantly in the trees round about.

    My brother in law in Perth, however, is most indignant. The nudey beach which he used to walk through to get to his snorkelling base (well, that’s his story) has now been taken over by the male gay fraternity and the ladies are no more. He feels obliged to go round by the road….


  2. Topless is definitely out of the question for me… thinking more in the line of something with short sleeves and past the knee… 😉


  3. G’day Cathy. My topless days are well and truly over, if I ever had them to begin with !!! Take care. Liz…


  4. Actually I enjoy nudity and/or as little clothing as possible. My body is certainly not centerfold material but I love art that depicts the truth of the human body and not just the model or television sex symbol image. Look at Andrew saying it is the “duty of older people to cover up”. Well bless my soul, why? I just might have to lead an elder sit in on a nude beach someday soon.


  5. This is a very funny “funny.” But it contains hidden truths, for me. Meaning, sun bathing is not, and never was a good thing.

    My husband applauds my quite wrinkle-less skin, at 77. And a lot of credit goes to him. A half century ago, he learned in Pharmacy College, that getting a tan is never goooood. He “kept me” from sun bathing. And I am so glad he did!!! I have a great face, especially compared to women my age. Who did “tan,” and bake in the sun, playing golf, etc.

    thank you, for my “soap box” time…



  6. Crochet is easy. If I can learn anyone can, as for the sunbathing. Yes well I think I’ll keep covered lol.


  7. No skydiving , bungee jumping or swimming for me, the only time I go topless in public these days is for a mammogram! 😆

    Good luck with the crochet!


  8. Much toplessness in the locker room, but I can’t see the point. Re crochet…that’s my stitch. I which I could knit. Tried, took classes. Dismal failure. I can knit, but I can’t pearl.


  9. I learnt to crochet a couple of years ago, and absolutely love it. I never got on with knitting, despite several tries, so I’m really happy to have found a crafty pastime that I enjoyed. As for topless sunbathing – it’s a no from me!


  10. Loved your post but I would argue that you’re never too old to enjoy the sun, surf and sand in the buff. It comes down to being comfortable (and if you’re not comfortable, that’s fine too). But don’t not do it because of what you look like… A few years ago my wife and I went to a nude resort in Mexico. An older couple was there too. She had had a mastectomy in the recent past. She wasn’t embarrassed by her appearance at all (and she shouldn’t be either). She was as happy as she could be. A great lesson in life. That said, you’ll never get me sky diving and I still need to learn how to knit and crochet. 🙂


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