Wordless Wednesday ……..They grow ’em big in this suburb

Do they really have much bigger children in this suburb?
(Playground behind the library, Mooroolbark)


As compared to this one?
(Playground at Elizabeth Bridge Reserve, Kilsyth)

1Seems Bird Nest Swings come in all shapes and sizes!!

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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ……..They grow ’em big in this suburb

  1. Wonderful links. Thank you. I will pass those on to the kids.

    Yes, ships always have libraries, but only the HAL libraries are any good. We are off on Princess, and I can say more about theirs when I get home. 🙂


  2. Bird Nest Swings… Never heard of them. So you introduced me to a new concept, on Wordless Wednesday!!!! 🙂

    Mmmmmm, there sure is a difference in the “support(s)” in the 2 of them. One, compared to three. Interesting. ,-)

    Oh and more nice big pics! Thank you! :-)))))) Seems I’d better look into changing my Background, so I can go back to a wider “center” for my blog… So I can post nice, big pics again, too!!!!!


  3. I would like to see a small person on one of those swings. I have never seen a swing like those before. Does your friend Trish and her husband need to be concerned about rabies from the possum bite?


  4. I’ve never seen a birds nest swing either, although we do have something similar with a large tire suspended from 3 or 4 chains. I’m wondering where the kids are — these look like great fun!


  5. Hi Cathy I have been enjoying reading your blog, Im new to blogging and am from Melbourne aswell, will be dropping in for updates 🙂


  6. They are pretty wild swings and more space is better. The other one looks scary so close to anchor poles.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up.


  7. The bigger one just has a longer chain so will swing a wider arc or circle. The smaller one is attached closer to the support so cannot swing as wide. I would pick the BIG one!


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