Click go the ……….knitting needles!

A little intro here – as you can see I’ve changed to a different theme.  This post has photos to help check loading time,

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I made use of these last few weeks when it seemed like I was in ‘retreat’ and ignoring the world by fishing out the knitting needles again.  KOGO will be looking for winter supplies to distribute and I’m determined to rid some of my boxes of ‘odd small balls’ of assorted colours.  Some of it is new and some recycled, I was needing just enough to use – one colour as a main and others as contrast.  Result no.1 – 4 jumpers/sweaters for babes about 12 months old.  Not too bright – not too pale – winter knits to take the coldness of winter away 🙂

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2 KOGO March 2014

0 KOGO March 2014

Stripey striped sleeves and matching buttons courtesy of the big box that sits behind the couch lol

3 KOGO March 2014


Boys are on the go – Charity knitting fills a need and is never a chore.

30 thoughts on “Click go the ……….knitting needles!

  1. We have begun on a stash of blankets to send to the salvos. We have been sending cardigans, jumpers and knitted toys to the Hospitals all last year. I love knowing what I’ve made goes to those that really need them. Good job


  2. I think it is better to have the comments at the bottom of your post. I didn’t like scrolling upwards to get to them in your other theme.
    Congrats on the baby clothing. Very well done.


    1. An oldy but a goody Lucinda – I use an old pattern from the 1960s – simple and easy to follow. Actually know it by heart now and can adapt to various ideas.


  3. Very beautiful knitting. They would surely be appreciated. It feels good when one gives doesn’t it. I donate knitted hats to charity here in Canada. I hope I can knit as well as you do. Haven’t attempted a sweater yet!! I will put that on my bucket list. Have a nice day. We got snow
    last night. Tired of it but it will go soon.


    1. Funny Germaine but hats to me always seem to be more fiddly than clothing. Too many stitches! How big is your bucket list – don’t let it get too long. Better to try something than never to have attempted at all.


  4. I like the new look. And I like the comments at the bottom of the page rather than at the top.
    The little jumpers look so snuggly, warm, and colorful. As one who dresses a 6 month old every day, the ones with the buttons are brilliant. Many babies hate having something pulled over their faces.


    1. Cynthia, From memory I know little ones and their dislike of being dressed/undressed so have always tried to make that as easy as possible. This little button up the back pattern is one I used in the 1960s and is a mainstay for donations. Have a boy one with a front opening making it look like a shirt (minus the collar)


    1. Thanks for the compliment Annie – I’ll have alook at Monica’s site – a similar charity I was involved in has changed direction and no longer take knitted items so I found another one several years ago.


    1. A chance remark in an email mentioned something about photos and loading time so that was good to know Helen – that was one of the reasons for the change.
      I’m not a sewer or crocheter so this is my way of giving


  5. Those little jumpers are gorgeous and the colours delightful. Well done Cathy! It’s so nice to knit for charity and I’m sure they will be much appreciated. Keep knitting. I’m doing similar right now. I’m knitting up scraps for a dog blanket to go to the Battersea Dogs’ Home and I can’t wait to send it. Isn’t it amazing how the stash just grows and grows?


    1. Oh dear the mountain of wool I have been given is not to be mentioned in The Golfer’s presence. The lates ‘craze’ here is knitting little penguin sacks – to help with the recovery time of washed up oily penguins further down the coast.


      1. Ah! so that’s what they’re for. My cousin, who lives in Australia, put some pictures on Facebook a couple of days ago. She had made them but I had no idea what they were for LOL.
        Last year I bought a wicker laundry basket to put my stash of yarn in. I was at a loss what to do with it, then I hit on that idea and it holds a lot of yarn. What it doesn’t hold, has to go to the charity shop!


  6. A great reminder, that not everyone is looking to Spring. Knitting… Looking to Winter. Of course!

    Hmmm, I got stuck in my own little world, thinking that knitting is not for this season. Silly me! Blogging is great. It shakes me out of my tunnel-vision. :-)))))


    1. Oh Tessa knitting is for every season lol Comes into its own when winter approaches (like it is down here now) but I do remember summers when I was a child in England watching my Mum knitting. If I recollect properly we even had to wear some of those knitted things in the english summers lol


  7. Did the size of your posted photos change, with this new theme? I can’t remember. But anyway, please let me say that your photos are super!!!!!!!!! Absolutely no need to click-to-enlarge. I love blogs, which post photos large enough, that I can “seeeeeee” them, while reading the entry. And not have to click-to-enlarge.

    Thank you!


  8. I love your little sweaters! I no longer knit or crochet, but I can truly appreciate the evenness of your stitches and your color combinations! Lovely creations!


    1. There are times when I’m too ‘blue’ to do anything so I just sit there thinking I ‘should’ be doing something. Luckily I’d just begun this knitting project so was able to work on auto pilot for most of the time.


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