S is for…………..

Ask most Aussies what S stands for and they will possibly say

Slip Slop Slap

The 1980 skin cancer prevention campaign suggested we
Slip on a shirt – Slop on some sunscreen – Slap on a hat

(Sorry about this but it looks like you’ll have to click on the youtube links
– they were embedded and visible –
but seem to have decided not to play ball the way I want them to)

Original version

Still relevant today with recent additions
Seek some shade – Slide on some sunnies

Updated version



Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide
Good advice no matter which country you live in

Do you have any campaigns like this in your country?

Mum is hosting Alphabet Blogging ZYX style pop over and see what others have found for the letter S

Perhaps you’d like to join in – next Friday’s letter is R

5 thoughts on “S is for…………..

  1. I try to always slap on sunscreen before I mow the lawn but don’t do a very good job just running in and out of the house of a regular basis to tend to the chickens, etc. Most bloggers are getting ready to start the April 1, A to Z forward alphabet blogging challenge. Are you going to do that?


  2. I’m getting better at the “S’s” these days. My skin is pretty well sun ruined, so I do remember a hat. I do forget lotions tho.

    Where are you off to, Yes, I got the last of the meds, and they make up a giant pile for both of us. But I’m ready. Clothes? What a quandry. Jewlery…none. I have pictures of mother on a Princess ship wearing the good stuff. I don’t have the nerve.


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