It’s like riding a bike…….

Just like riding a bike – some things are never forgotten

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February 1954 – 60 years ago
The Golfer was finally old enough to join the airforce in a scheme that took young men, educated and trained them in a relevant trade ready for men’s service in the RAF.

21st Engines
21st Engines


Aircraft and their engines were to be his life for many yearsVenom E Seat

Even after retirement there was still that pullThe Golfer

Coming home from Singapore last December,  as we approached Australia I asked him to take a quick photo of the sunrise outside.
Guess what he actually took the photo ofRolls Royce engine

Yes you’ve got it
Look carefully and you will see
no beautiful sunrise but a
A Rolls Royce (RR) aircraft engine lol

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24 Replies to “It’s like riding a bike…….”

  1. G’day Cathy. Fabulous photo’s . It’s still a good pic looking out the window of the plane. Take care. Liz…


  2. We toured countless ships and have countless pictures of engine rooms that I can tell you nothing about and Ron could talk about forever. I mean who knew how much a person could say about this knob and that button and that lever?


    1. I bet you loved every minute Annie and go over them in your head every day. Its amazing the knowledge these ‘experts’ carry around with them – some of it might be out of date but there’s usually someone they can discuss it with.


  3. 1954… I graduated HS, that year. -grin-

    Great old pics. And newer ones.

    I understand him wanting to take pic of, a fancy part of the airplane. My husband learned to fly, years ago, and we had a little airplane. He had to stop, when his eyes began to give out on him. But he still loves anything about flying. 🙂

    But he would have taken a snap of the sun too. :-)))))


    1. Yes Tessa there was one of the sunrise as well – trouble was we were looking directly into the sun so it wasn’t the best. At least he tried tho lol


  4. Hello Cathy, so happy to have you visit my spot. It’s good to be back.
    Loved this post of yours – what a handsome man, and aren’t those black and white photos so precious.
    Lol, I just loved his version of the sunrise… and he looks so innocent too ;D)
    Cheers for now


  5. Love old photos and hearing about the past, he sounds like my hubby. Cannot get into anything with a motor without diagnosing what wrong with it or telling me it sounds spot on lol


    1. I can see you in years to come visiting ‘world famous’ libraries and revelling in their reading rooms and ogling their rare books section lol


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