I’m fed up

Yes I’m well and truly fed up:

~ with the weather – hot days hot nights.

~ waiting for the promised cool change to arrive

~ hearing the distinctive sound of fire alerts on the radio – knowing some other poor bugger is having a worse day than I am

~ hearing my neighbours ‘having words’ during the night  Hot nights windows open sound travels

~ hearing my neighbours ‘having words’ during the day. They are hot and troubled

~ not getting a parking spot in the shade.  Nothing worse than trailing round a full underground car park and knowing all the outside under trees spots will be filled as well

~ with it being too hot to garden.  Seeing even the sturdiest of plants like Agapanthus frying in the heat is distressing

Supposedly indestructible Aggies

~ with having to be really really careful if I’m on the road.  Overheard/ witnessed a confrontation in the local shopping centre car park after a near miss.  “‘Im hot and don’t need to deal with drivers like you” Crept away quickly as I knew both the drivers lol

~ being unable to comment on some blogs.  Well if I’m inside ’cause it’s too hot to be outside I’ve got to do something.

~ clearing clutter from corners.  How does it get there?  See above. As to why I’m actually doing it.

~ fighting the flab with the over fifties at the gym. And not being able to get a parking spot under a tree which means the car is hot when I come out of the gym

~ seeing all my hard earned cash wizzing round and round on the electric meter ’cause the air con is on all the time

~ with eating salad .  We’ve used up all the odds and ends and cooked meals from the freezer and it’s too hot to cook and restock the freezer.

There is a cool change forecast for later today – let’s hope it does arrive.
Please Please Please let’s hope it arrives!

Edited 9.45pm Sunday evening
As Andrew mentioned (see comments) the cool change arrived
and it is gloriously cool 🙂
Doors and windows are open to catch the breeze
Sleep this evening will be pleasant but our happiness will be short lived
The temps are due to rise again on Tuesday – more days of over 30c/86f are predicted.

28 Replies to “I’m fed up”

  1. Wish we could even things out all over the world. It seems everywhere is too something right now. I was just looking at the Internet at the huge waves battering the coast of Wales. Hoping for cooler weather you quickly!


  2. I’ll happily send you the snow that’s piled at my house but I’m I doubt it would survive the flight and the shipping costs would be outrageous! That said, in August, I’ll be in the in the same boat. (And I don’t have airconditioning!)


  3. G’day Cathy. Yes, I agree. I too am fed up with this hot weather. It’s 40 here now and the wind is blowing something fierce. Have just heard from my son and there is a fire not far from them. They are under a Watch and Act alert. Had a call from a work friend telling me that a huge branch fell from a large Peppercorn tree at the Safeway supermarket yesterday, right on top of four cars and damaging about six others ( hers was one of those cars damaged) I have often looked at those large trees when I have been tempted to try and park in the shade. You know it’s hot when even the Aggie’s start to wilt, don’t you. There are so many fires burning around Victoria at the moment. Surely we have to get some relief soon. Though up my way, there is no good news on the weather front, just more high temperatures. Take care. Liz…


    1. I do wonder about the parking under the tree and accidents happening but sometimes I just get greedy – I want a cool car and will do anything to have it lol


  4. Hi Cathy! Thank you for visiting my blog! Those are the Rocky Mountains in the picture. I have heard that it is very hot in Australia. I hope it cools soon!


  5. I’m with you cathy. a slight cool change has arrived here but not really cool enough to open windows and turn off the air con just yet.


  6. If only we could all have just the right amount of heat and rain. We are drowning here in the south west of England with storms that have been hitting us since before Christmas. I’d love to exchange a little of your heat to dry us out and a little of our rain to cool you down!


    1. Nothing seems to be right at the moment Maureen – wonder what actually has gone wrong? Maybe what a lot of the almanacs predicted is actually happening


  7. I know where you are coming form Cathy. 3 months of rain, doesnt look like the gardens will ever recover. My sisters house has a dehumidifier running 24/7 because of water coming through the wall. And we are still better off than most of the South. Last night a friends neighbours chimney came though their roof.


    1. Oh dear Lizzie – we see some of it on the news. Lots of dramatic crashing waves and floods but certainly not things like chimneys crashing down


    1. They arent’ the only things that are fried Andrew – going to take alot of rain and love to get my garden to grow again. I just couldn’t keep up with the watering – too hot to run the hose from the tank.


  8. It is interesting how we switch gripes as we switch seasons. Her we are frozen and snowed in and hating the cold and soon we will be suffering under a blazing sun and complaining about the heat as you are doing now. I would love to invite you to come stay with me now but my guest rooms are closed off and my two extra bathrooms because I can’t afford to heat my entire home. I use propane gas and right now it is $4.25 per gallon the last 150 gallons costing me $637.50.


  9. -grin- Oh I love an “I’m fed up” subject line. -gigggggles-

    And with so much complaining about the “terrible” winter, up in the Northern Hemisphere… A complaint about all that goes with a “terrible” summer, in the Southern Hemisphere, is so welcome. -grin-

    And of course, give us a few months, and we’ll be swapping complaints!!!!

    Me-thinks we are living in a time of extremes. Whatever the cause, man-made of just natural fluctuations, we are in a “doooooooozy” of a time. Courage! To all of us.



    1. Yes it could Gigi – I could be staring at a burnt out house and moping up after a bush fire went through – there are many in Victoria facing that today. Luckily for me I’m not – just getting my frustration with the weather out of my sytem by moaning!


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