Z is for……

Well I was all thought out and came up with Zero original ideas for today – what a way to start a fun blog post – until I remembered the name of a flower that really does begin with the letter for today 🙂

Z is for Zygocactus
also known as Schlumbergara
aka Christmas Cactus

These hardy pot plants seem to grow wherever you want them to
Break a piece off – pot it up in some dirt
and very soon you’ll have a new plant.

My plants shown here were all started from cuttings
taken from friends or neighbours plants
They grow in containers hanging over the railing of the deck
and are happy there most of the year
but I do put them in the shade
if the sun gets too hot

As always click to enlarge


There are several plants in each of these long boxes


and if the timing is right and they all bloom together
it looks like a ribbon of pink all the way along3

At first the plants appear to be a jumble of gnarly old stems, each with a flower at the end – but if you look carefully you will see that there are the most delicate of blooms growing there.


Up in the Northern Hemisphere they are called Christmas Cactus because that’s about the time they flower.  Not so down here in Melbourne – these were taken in October, right at the end of Winter – the beginning of our Spring.

These are beautiful plants often regarded as common and hum drum looking
What do you think?


A  little confession here – these were taken a couple of years ago
Unfortunately the last two really hot summer have taken their toll on the plants so they don’t exactly look like this now.

They are going to get a haircut soon so those cuttings will hopefully be the start of a new set of plants 

These are some website I found with information on Zygocactus
They may be of interest to you


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18 thoughts on “Z is for……

  1. Hello to you! From upper New York State, in the US. Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog. I’m happy to meet someone from the Southern Hemisphere! I can cool you off, and you can warm me up!

    Oh what beautiful flowers. You say they are thought of as common, where you live. Betcha’ that’s because they grow so well, and there are lots of them. What we have lots of, we don’t appreciate as much. What is rare, is prized. Silly humans… Same old, same old.

    I’m sure my posts can continue to “cool you off” for a while. Winter won’t be leaving us, soon.

    Gentle hugs,


  2. Ohhh and you have a list of books read! Me too!!! (And I notice “Cocaine Blues” on your sidebar, which I read also.)

    I have Pages at the top of my blog…. One Page for “Books Read in 2013” and stating one “Books Read in 2014.”

    I love book reading ideas. Hooray!!! People don’t always resonate with the same books, but having lots of possible suggestions, is always wonderful.

    Gentle hugs,
    ‘Here there be musing’ blog at blogspot.com


  3. My poor little Christmas cactus. It’s shrivelled into insignificance next to yours. I get flowers once a year, the last ones are fading fast. It gives us much needed colour on a window sill in the depth of winter.


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