You can’t have it both ways……………

Yes another of my Mum’s sayings lol

You can’t have it both ways!

You can’t have the descriptive wording of a book
the visuals of a film/movie

Have to agree on this one where The Book Thief is concerned

But don’t take my word for it – go and see it when you get the chance

I read the book and went to the cinema yesterday

the book thiefThe Book Thief

I did enjoy the film ‘cept I came out with a lot of

But that…….
Oh that’s not…….
I don’t remember………….
I don’t think they would have…………

It’s possible that if you see the film and then read the book
you might feel differently.

As it’s adapted from a YA novel maybe I should wonder how the young girl playing the lead role felt about the book’s subject and how youngsters feel as they see this unfold on the screen in front of them.

Here in Australia it’s been given a PG rating meaning
Parental Guidance is recommended for persons under 15 years of age. PG movies are suited to families with older children, as some scenes may frighten younger children. Themes of PG movies may start to get more adult, yet the movie’s content remains family-friendly.

Oh and the days are still hot
Today (Friday) here in my suburb we are expecting 44c/111f
It is now 9am and has reached 34c/93f

There are places in the state where it has become far hotter, there are places where they are fighting fires, we do have cooling in the house as well as fans and so far have not been affected by power cuts (thank goodness) we don’t need to take public transport (train lines have been buckling!) so I don’t know why I’m grizzling.

The BOM says there is a slight chance of thunder storms later
And a drop in temperatures

We can only hope!

15 thoughts on “You can’t have it both ways……………

  1. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that with The Book Thief, it’s best to see the movie first, then read the book, so that’s what I think we’ll do. We’re still freezing here on the other side of the world – snow expected this weekend! 🙂


  2. G’day Cathy. I am only halfway through the book and am really enjoying it. I am not sure if I will see the film or not. I am at the RMH at the moment, in between treatments and everyone is talking about the heat outside. It reached 46 at home yesterday, about 4.00pm. It was a real scorcher. We had a fire not terribly far from us last night. It is a real worry. Though hopefully a change in the weather over the next few days may cool things down a bit. Take care. Liz…


  3. If I see the movie first, and then read the book, I feel disappointed twice. Much rather read and not view on my part…
    Hoping for some cool for you and some warm for me… we humans are never satisfied, are we?


  4. I have downloaded the book and was going to read it before seeing the movie. Maybe I’ll see the movie first and read the book afterlife save on the disappointment I always feel when I do it the other way around. Thanks for the review. Ite now 10.30 here in Devon meadows. We have just won the cricket and the temp as dropped a lot. Not much rain but we hold out hope. Sleep well xxx


  5. I rarely watch movies anymore, but Woody Allen films are an exception. I think I’ll research those 2 books you mentioned and see if I want to buy them on my Kindle.


  6. I know what it’s like to live in a hot place, i.e. Tennessee in my case so you have my deepest sympathy Cathy. My heart goes out to all the wildlife too. They must be suffering too! I would love to see that film. I will look out for it over here.


    1. I hope you enjoy it Oma – for some reason or another it won’t be released until the end of the month in the UK. I’m sure it will be shown in a cinema near you.


  7. My friend Brother D loved the book and took his charges to see it. I mentioned to him that a local reviewer had panned the movie for “not following the book.” If that is true, it is annoying. I take it from your review this is an issue. Dianne


    1. It was an issue for me Dianne – others may not be bothered by it. I wouldn’t pan the film, it was a good one to watch, quite enjoyable in fact considering the subject. It’s just I get annoyed seeing things misrepresented. Maybe I should see book adaptations first or not at all lol


  8. I keep thinking I stopped by to leave a comment here . . twice, but I must not have been logged in to my account at the time. Anyway, thanksmfor sharing your perspective on the movie.


  9. I haven’t read the book or heard of the movie yet. Thanks for the head’s up. I shall have to investigate.


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